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"Dirty Grandpa" was a truly unique movie-going experience for me. Never once have I seen a movie in a theater, and not laugh a single time. I did not even crack a smile watching this lazy, vile attempt at a gross-out comedy. It was unbearable to watch causing me to consider walking out on multiple occasions.

Gross-out humor doesn't bother me, if it's funny. Movies like "This Is The End" or "The Hangover" are filled with gross-out gags and offensive humor, but they are actually funny, and the jokes move the story along or build character. In "Dirty Grandpa", the humor is dirty just to be dirty and even worse not funny in the slightest.

"Dirty Grandpa" follows the story of Dick Kelly (Robert De Niro) who takes a road trip to Daytona Beach with his soon to be married grandson, Jason (Zac Efron) after the death of his wife. And he's dirty! (*sigh) Along the way, they run into many... not-so interesting characters and has absolutely no laughs! The film also stars Aubrey Plaza, who I adore, but is given absolutely nothing to do here. She was admittedly easily the best performer in the film, and the film picks up speed when she's on screen.

Everything about the movie is wrong, wrong, wrong. I literally could not stand it. I despise "Dirty Grandpa". Other than the fact that none of it is funny, nothing in it works. The relationships feel forced and phony, the acting is downright awful, the script just relies on having De Niro spit out offensive terms and calling people nicknames using puns, and it draaaaaaaaaaaags on forever. It even has the nerve to throw in a romantic subplot that is so heavily forced and predictable, it's cringeworthy.

"Dirty Grandpa" is horrendous and atrocious. I absolutely hated everything about it. I will be genuinely shocked if I see a worse movie this year.

-Nick Denbow


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