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Today we get the chance to chat with the one and only Twitch streamer, niMBis!

1) For those that don't know who you are, why don't you tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Matty but my online persona is niMBis (nim-biss) like the cloud, but with an "I". I was born on the east coast, moved to the west coast when I was less than two years old and raised in Southern California. Much like many kids from my area I spent a lot of time in arcades as a kid, following around my older brothers. Watching the "big kids" play Street Fighter II, Mortal Kombat and Lethal Enforcer was the ultimate hobby after school and on weekends. That's where the love of games and my first glimpse of gaming as entertainment started. I say "gaming as entertainment" because arcade culture was such that you could only play the popular machines when no regulars were around and kind of had to earn your way up to put the token down for "nexts". Lets just say I got really good at Attax, Missile Command and QBert there for awhile.

Anyway -- I grew up in a house full of video games, family board games, Dungeons & Dragons books and character sheets, movies and MTV when it was still music. I am not that old, but I can say that it is the perfect generation to be a part of if you are a gamer. So with that, I got older, games got better and so did I. I would go to LAN parties and LAN venues when I got older and the later the nights went, the more often I would find myself playing with the hardcore kids and with groups of friends behind me cheering me on. So I guess that's why I love streaming so much now, same kind of concept with friends being together and watching other friends play. Cheering the victories and wallowing in the losses, laughing and talking shit. That's where it's at for me, so when I heard about ( at the time) I had to try it.

2) How long have you been streaming?

Off and on since around 2012 -- but treating it as a regular thing since 2012. At first I would do commentary and not actually play, then it expanded into me playing live and doing the commentary at the same time in 2013. In 2014 my son was born and there wasn't a whole lot of time for me to be online so I took almost a year off making small appearances where I could, writing and staying sharp.

I have taken the downtime to form a new plan, re-brand myself and my channel to niMBisTV (formerly n1MB1s) and breakout, full stride in 2016.

3) What types of games do you find to be the best to play for a stream session?

Honestly, I love to play games that are just plain fun to play. More so than that, games that are entertaining on their own but I can try and make better with commentary or with guests. I used to stream a lot of shooter types like Call of Duty: Zombies or Bioshock Infinite but I found the action/adventure titles, the RPG titles and the survival games to be the best for the audience. They like how I play them and I have received a lot of positive feedback for my commentary. So, that's a win-win.

4) What has been your favorite game to stream so far?

So many great streams, I would have to say the two most memorable streams I had were LIMBO and Tomb Raider [the reboot]. My chats were going wild and we had a lot of fun on those streams. I love the games that are straight up hard or involve a lot of choice because it provides me the chance to talk to the viewers and get their opinions on what to do next.

5) What do you have currently going on?

Right now -- I am streaming a lot of Planetbase, some H1Z1 and Final Fantasy XIV. I haven't really settled into one particular game because I am prepping for a long "season" with Tom Clancy's The Division. So until that drops, I am just streaming what feels good, that is fun to watch or easy to play while I get to know my new audience.

6) Why Twitch? I mean, now that YouTube offers the same sort of thing why not go to the bigger platform?

I have given some thought to YouTube Gaming but honestly, after tinkering with their system a bit it is all the same content you could pull from searches there anyway. I mean it looks good, it performs but it still hasn't had a breakout moment yet to make it irresistible. When people think video game live streams they think of Twitch. I started there and I think I will stay there until my viewers want otherwise or until YouTube gaming just makes more sense.

7) How was adapting to the world of video game streaming?

Like many things, streaming is easy to learn but difficult to master. I am still learning, still growing as a content creator and trying new things. The available software is pretty straightforward but making your brand is really tricky. You think you have everything JUST right then you see a new camera trick or layout and it's back to the drawing board. I like it that way though, keeps it fresh.

The audience is a tough one, not any more than being a stand-up comedian or anything I am sure. There is a lot of other channels, other content creators, other hosts that do a killer job but if they don't have the right game to go with what they do it can be a bust. There have been many many nights where I have streamed to no one, but you keep at it and eventually someone will come along and it's all worth it when you see that first "Hi" or "lol" in your chat.

8) What's on the horizon for niMBis?

I am planning a pretty big series of streams for Tom Clancy's The Division BETA weekend starting January 28th through the 31st. The Division will be a title I will play for a long time, a series or "season" if you will. So I am hoping to build a lot of hype around the channel and The Division with that. I have some cool plans and some interactive stuff in the works to go along with that game and I am hoping to be able to play with viewers, friends, popular cosplayers and other up-and-coming internet celebrities in the near future.

Aside from the channel, there are some big shows I will be attending here in 2016 like LVL UP EXPO, Final Fantasy Fan Fest, EVO and the Las Vegas Comic Con. I like to go to these events, meetup with viewers when they come into town and see a lot of the people I talk to online who are also in the community.

9) Where can people follow you and watch you stream?

You can find me on all of the usual suspects like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. with a quick search for niMBisTV. I have a YouTube channel that I will be doing a lot of highlight exports to from my shows as well as my website and of course, I love to interact with people and learn about the things they have going so if you're on any of those social medias, drop me a line!

niMBis will be live streaming the first of his Tom Clancy's The Division streams starting Thursday January 28th at 9pm PST! Click on this link to go to his Twitch channel:


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