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For years fans of AMC's The Walking Dead have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of one of the comic book's main antagonists, Negan.

When it was finally confirmed last year that Jeffrey Dean Morgan was tapped to play the latest Walking Dead antagonist, Negan, most people were pretty excited.

However, on Late Night With Seth Meyers, Morgan stated that one person was particularly disappointed by his decision to take on the role: his mom.

"When I took the show, she was like, ‘What does this mean with The Good Wife?’ She was devastated that this could be the end. I was like, ‘Mom, keep your pants on. We'll see what happens.’ “

Sorry, mom, but Jeffrey Dean Morgan's portrayal of Negan will likely keep his schedule pretty busy. Although we still don't know just what that means for his role on The Good Wife at the moment.

From playing the lovable Denny Duquette on Grey's Anatomy to Julianna Margulies's charming love interest on The Good Wife, it'll be great to finally see Morgan flex his muscles to become the violent, merciless leader of the Saviors.

“He’s a game-changer. It’s a complete 180 from what I’m doing on The Good Wife, which as an actor is a dream come true. I get to be the biggest ass in the world.”

Unfortunately, we will have to wait a little while longer to actually see Morgan appear in The Walking Dead. In a TV Insider interview with Scott Gimple, The Walking Dead showrunner, we learned that his character will be brought up, but we likely won't see him until the season finale.

"His name has been invoked and his group is certainly of growing importance, but it’s not like we are going to see him starring in an episode right off the bat.”

Fans of the comic books have already waited this long to meet Negan, so I'm just hoping the anticipation is worth it. And let's be honest, it will be.

'The Walking Dead' will have its mid-season return to AMC on February 14 at 9pm.

(Source: Late Night With Seth Meyers)


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