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(Warning — mild SPOILERS for Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens lie below. If you still haven't seen it, then proceed with the same level of intense caution that your every waking minute must be at this point...)

For generations, there has only ever really been one kind of weapon that Star Wars fans have dreamed of wielding. Sure, we wouldn't have turned down a blaster rifle, a bowcaster, or a Boba Fett jet-pack with working missile launcher, but when it came right down to it, nothing could ever quite match up to the intense, era-defining awesomeness of a lightsaber.

Now, that most likely remains true today — I mean, lightsabers are inherently the best, after all — but for those watching Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens this past winter, a strong contender for runaway runner-up may just have presented itself.

Y'see, as it turns out:

The Only Thing Almost As Cool As A Lightsaber Is A Stormtrooper Baton That Does The Exact Same Job

Step forward the stormtrooper now known as TR-8R (despite him actually clearly being distinctly loyal), who spin-batoned his way into all of our hearts with his attack on Finn during the assault on Maz Kanata's castle/club/cool cats hangout.

As enjoyable as watching TR-8R scream "traitor" was, however, that wasn't why we all took to him so quickly. In fact, you might say that we only loved him for his kick-ass spinning lightsaber-matching baton.

The best part of that, though?

You Can Buy An Actual, Working Version Of That Baton

This new #tr8r #cosplay prop means our #3Dprinting shop is starting the weekend with some #sickspins. How about you? #starwarsmovie #501st #cosplayer #3dprinted #3Dprint #3dscanning #norcal #weekendproject #weekend #cosplayprogress #custommade #stormtrooper #theforceawakens #traitor #sanfrancisco #comiccon #starwars #darthvader #kyloren

Posted by Blu-Bin on Friday, 22 January 2016

That's right, the folks over at California-based 3D printing store Blu-Bin recently custom made a fully working version of the baton — one which not only opens, but makes the swoosh noise and everything — and are now taking orders for more.

Which means that if your cosplay plans for the next year involve a whole lot of TR-8Ring, then your dreams of owning a fully operational super-weapon (no wait, that's something else) might just be about to come true.

Also, it looks AWESOME.

Thanks @kotaku for the shout out for our #cosplay work! Here's a pic of the #tr8r baton we #3dprinted for a local #501st...

Posted by Blu-Bin on Wednesday, 27 January 2016

You can PM the folks at Blu-Bin over at their Facebook page for more details, but it seems that an "assembled and functioning painted baton" will set you back around $250 dollars. Which is actually kind of astonishingly reasonable, when you think about it...

What do you think, though?

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