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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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If you've ever watched The Walking Dead, chances are you regard Daryl Dixon with the same kind of reverence a thirteenth century peasant would a solar eclipse. It was a tense experience watching Daryl getting disarmed by a Savior leader in the promo for Walking Dead Season 6, episode 9, 'No Way Out'.

The redneck hero is a mainstay of The Walking Dead - despite not being a character from the original comics - and we're gonna get a whole lot more of him.

Walking Dead showrunner Scott Gimple told TV Insider:

“We put Norman through his paces. He’s very scary in this back half, but there are a couple of moments where he made me laugh out loud. There is a whole lot of Daryl and a wide variety of Daryl.”

'Scary' Daryl certainly sounds like an interesting prospect. The hardened survivalists of the show - Daryl, Rick, Carol - tend to bring out their best, most watchable moments in times of extreme struggle, times that require bold decisions made in a fugue of moral ambiguity. However stoked I was for Walking Dead 6.5, 'scary' Daryl just cranked it up a notch!

Rage-o-holic Rick was definitely one of the most gripping aspects of the last couple of seasons; watching him get the soft, mewling Alexandrians into line was very satisfying... Rick himself, Andrew Lincoln, had something to say about the 'little adventure' in store for Rick and Daryl in Walking Dead 6.5:

“We have a little Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid–type thing going on. It’s safe to say that we get to do the tango, much to everyone’s excitement.”

That's all very exciting... but you know how Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid ended, right? I can't see Rick and Daryl go out that way!

What's in store for Rick and Daryl in Walking Dead 6.5? The second half of Walking Dead Season 6 begins with 'No Way Out', airing February 14.


Do you think that Daryl will die in Season 6?

Source: TV Insider, Youtube, Tumblr


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