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David Berkowitz, better known as the Son of Sam, murdered at least six people after claiming a demonic spirit living within his neighbor's labrador dog ordered him to commit his terrible crimes. However, the now 62-year-old killer is reaching out to the public through a creepy (though probably unintentionally so) website.

Since 1987, Berkowitz has been a born again Christian and his website details how he now wishes to be referred to as 'The Son of Hope' while showing off some photos of the reformed character which are pretty chilling in light of his previous crimes.

The front page of the site
The front page of the site

The site also features apologies to the families of victims, videos for school children to help educate them about crime and punishment and pictures of Berkowitz with visiting friends.

The purpose of the website
The purpose of the website

Although Berkowitz's intentions are clearly centered around repenting for his crimes, the fact that he still receives an enormous amount of publicity and support because of the lives he destroyed could be seen as distasteful by many people.

David Berkowitz with his pastor
David Berkowitz with his pastor

One of the most interesting sections on the website by far is the video section where you can see Berkowitz candidly speak about his crimes and how he found salvation from the evil he committed in the Christian faith. Below you can see him speaking to Yunlin Youth Home in Taiwan over webcam from prison:

For those of you who have ever wondered how serial killers come to terms with their crimes, you can read Berkowitz's own words in his official apology below:

"As I have communicated many times throughout the years, I am deeply sorry for the pain, suffering and sorrow I have brought upon the victims of my crimes. I grieve for those who are wounded, and for the family members of those who lost a loved one because of my selfish actions. I regret what I've done and I'm haunted by it. Not a day goes by that I do not think about the suffering I have brought to so many. Likewise I cannot even comprehend all the grief and pain they live with now. And these individuals have every right to be angry with me, too.

Nevertheless, I apologize for the crimes I committed. My continual prayer is that, as much as is possible, these hurting individuals can go on with their lives.

In addition, I am not writing this apology for pity or sympathy. I simply believe that such an apology is the right thing to do. And, by the grace of God, I hope to do my very best to make amends whenever and wherever possible, both to society, and to my victims."

It's hard to know what to think about it, but you can check out the whole website for yourself


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