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Kung Fu Panda 3 was released last year to rave reviews, but many fans are already asking for Kung Fu Panda 4. Good news — there are a lot more sequels around the corner! The action packed animated films have been praised for their fun loving style, as well the poignant storylines that bring a tear to many a parent's eye. In Kung Fu Panda 3, Po had a lot of trouble on his hands with J.K. Simmons' new villain Kai, but he was joined by some surprising new friends in the final battle.

Po reunited with his long lost father, who also introduced Po to many more pandas. This made for a very emotional storyline, as Po finally discovered that there are more creatures like him. Jackie Chan, Lucy Liu, Angelina Jolie, David Cross, and Seth Rogen all returned for Kung Fu Panda 3 as the Furious Five. And naturally, Dustin Hoffman's Master Shifu also featured heavily in the film. Fans are hoping that the cast will reprise their roles in future installments of the franchise, though there has been no word about this yet.

The Kung Fu Panda films have been widely critically acclaimed, featuring action sequences to rival Hollywood's biggest blockbusters, and gorgeous settings that really transport the viewer. Kung Fu Panda 3 continued this trend, but what about more sequels?

The Future For Kung Fu Panda

Despite concerns that Kung Fu Panda 3 would mark the end of the franchise, Dreamworks Animation CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg stated in an interview with Empire that actually, we could see three more films after the latest one is released, bringing the total up to six Kung Fu Panda movies!

"Kung Fu Panda actually has six chapters to it, and we’ve mapped that out over the years."

Po meets more pandas in 'Kung Fu Panda 3'. [Credit: Dreamworks]
Po meets more pandas in 'Kung Fu Panda 3'. [Credit: Dreamworks]

Director Jennifer Yu Nelson later spoke about the possibility for sequels with Collider, explaining their plan for the future of the franchise — though she stressed that their priority was quality over quantity.

"We always try to make the very best movie that we’re working on. It’s one at a time. We want to make this a perfect jewel, and then we’ll see what happens after that. Right now, we’re really focused on making this the best film possible. We want to be proud of our work and make sure it’s worth the talent of the animators, who spent four years of their love, sweat and tears on it."

Co-director Alessandro Carloni also weighed in, explaining why they don't leave their films open-ended.

"With the sequels, we don’t want to try to have them feel open-ended. We want it to feel like a completed journey, and we feel this movie does. And then, if a fantastic story presents itself, great."

Po reunites with his father in 'Kung Fu Panda 3'. [Credit: Dreamworks]
Po reunites with his father in 'Kung Fu Panda 3'. [Credit: Dreamworks]

More recently, the website reported a rumor that Dreamworks was close to a final draft of the Kung Fu Panda 4 script, although there has been no official announcement about a release date.

With the fantastic and fun world of Kung Fu Panda, there's plenty more adventures for the team to go on, especially as the new panda characters have now been introduced! Check back here for more announcements later.

Tell us in the comments: Do you want to see a Kung Fu Panda 4 and more sequels?

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