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The Witch is rapidly becoming the most anticipated horror movie of the year thanks to its haunting, satanic imagery and skin-crawlingly unsettling atmospheric shots and the new TV spot for the Robert Eggers directed movie doesn't drop the ball.

In a brand new 30 second trip, a disorientated and confused Caleb is found standing shirtless in the dead of night and it's evident something is very, very wrong. Check it out in the clip below:

Anya Taylor-Joy's performance is once more totally convincing, but this time the focus is on what exactly has happened to Caleb while he's been missing in the forest.

Has he been possessed or, is it really Caleb at all? Tales of Changelings were prominent during the time period that this movie is set, so it's possible he could just be an unbelievable evil with a child's face. I guess we will just have to wait for the inevitably horrible truth!

'The Witch' hits US theaters on 19 February 2016

(Source: Youtube)


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