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"It is said that his settlement has never fallen to assault.”

What happens when two of the world's greatest entertainment franchises come together in one colossal video? The answer: Carnage!

He is at it again, Fallout 4 puppet master Cosmic Contrarian, is back with another epic Fallout fantasy ripper. This latest cacophony of violence has blown the fantasy world wide open with this epic Fallout 4 / Lord of the Rings mashup.

Responding to fans on his YouTube channel, the Fallout whizz was convinced to tackle one of Tolkien’s biggest and bloodiest battles. The battle of Helm's Deep was originally fought between the men and the Orcs. This time around, in our crazy world, the Minutemen have allied with the Brotherhood of Steel (good move) and are facing off against an overwhelming number of Supermutants.

Forget When Harry Met Sally — today, it is when Fallout 4 met Lord of the Rings!

I love it — as a huge Fallout and Lord of the Rings fan I was blown away by how close the video comes to the actual movie footage. The video is almost scene perfect, with no wimpy Hobbit to be seen (just kidding, Rings fans). There's a brilliant amalgamation of worlds here, with astonishing attention to detail.

Let's face it, the Orcs look very similar to Supermutants and you can guarantee that if Legolas had access to Power Armor not much would be left in his wake.

Cosmic Contrarian is the guy responsible for the majority of the other Fallout 4 mashup battles circulating around the Internet right now. So, if you want to see more epic battles like this one just head over to his channel, crack open a cold Nuka-Cola, kick back and enjoy.

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