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'Oscar Bait' is a collection of illustrated minimalist print designs created by Cardiff (UK) based Designer & Illustrator Matt Needle.

Building upon the original version of the project which began before the 2015 Academy Awards season. This year the collection of prints based upon Matt’s personal predictions for awards season were created between October 2015 - January 2016.

This year the project has grown in size and encompassed both his predictions and actual nominees (announced January 2016). Culminating in an exhibition and limited edition book.

Here are some of the illustrations:

Mad Max Fury Road

(nominated for 10 oscars)

Ex Machina

(Nominated for 2 Oscars)


(Nominated for 4 Oscars)

Danish Girl

(nominated for 4 Oscars)

The Revenant

(Nominated for 12 Oscars)

The Hateful Eight

(Nominated for 3 Oscars)


(Nominated for 6 Oscars)


(nominated for 1 oscar)

Straight Outta Compton

(Nominated for 1 Oscar)

The Martian

(nominated for 7 oscars)

The Big Short

(Nominated for 5 Oscars)

Bridge Of Spies

(Nominated For 6 Oscars)

The full collection as well as last years can be viewed at
Prints can be purchased at
You can follow matt ontwitter @needledesign


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