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With certain plot details already revealed, putting an end to so many exciting fan theories, BvS: Dawn of Justice still has quite a bit of mystery surrounding it (it better have). While avoiding allegedly leaked plot descriptions of those who have seen the movie in advanced screenings, I have seen a number of videos analyzing easter eggs from 'Man of Steel' as well as the BvS trailers that have been released so far. Some are quite apparent, and contrary to what the trailers may have you believe, stick to the canon. Because this movie seems to be following parts extracted directly from the comics, and Snyder isn't about to disappoint the faithful of DC.

So here it goes...

It is obvious that the Batman comes into the scene believing that Superman is a threat to the world, and Superman on the other hand thinks the Bat is an out of control vigilante menace to society. While Superman is the savior of cats (according to Bruce), Batman is willing to make sacrifices for the greater good, even if it means the collateral is close to home. While society's view of the Bat is almost that of constant uncertainty, that of Superman seems to be taking a roller-coaster ride.

We also have multiple pieces of the puzzle, where at one point Superman is being indicted and is treated as a dangerous alien. On the other hand, based on Clark's and Bruce's conversation from trailer 2, according to Clark the world doesn't share Bruce's skepticism and cynicism. It is reasonable to believe that the conversation takes place earlier on in the movie, and either Bruce takes it upon himself to prove Clark wrong, and/or through a few setups by Lex, the public opinion on Superman is turned around. After, all according to the first teaser, the graffiti on the Superman statue saying "false god" has to appear after a considerable amount of time since the building of the statue.

Given that Bruce Wayne is a fellow billionaire acquaintance of Lex, the latter also seems to be knowing Clark well (Trailer 3), probably through the work at the Planet. It is clear that Lex is manipulating the Duo from behind the scenes, he’s probably using Batman’s and Superman’s rivalry as a decoy for what he might be doing behind the scenes:

1) Obtaining Kryptonite

2) Obtaining Zod’s body to create NOT Doomsday.

3) While harbouring Doomaday as well.

So far we have been led to believe that Doomsday has his origins in Zod’s DNA. This is neither logical nor canonical. One of the greatest villains in DC able to even kill the Man of Steel, cannot be cooked up by a mere human such as Lex despite his genius. Not that he’s not smart enough, but the kid in us demands that Doomsday be and remain extraterrestrial as in the comics. And contrary to what the trailers would have us believe, Zod’s DNA is not used to create Doomsday, but something else. Just as the Batman easter eggs were found in Man of Steel, so are they found for Zod’s DNA product.

So where does Doomsday come from?

Two possibilities that I can think of. Doomsday was created in Krypton by the scientist Bertron so he’s of a native Kryptonian species so to speak. Remember that empty pod in the spaceship from Man of Steel? This one in case you can’t remember.

Empty pod from spaceship in Man of Steel
Empty pod from spaceship in Man of Steel

1) It’s possible that whoever sent the spaceship sent a baby/egg version of Doomsday for some reason. And it is also possible Lex found it before anyone and has been preserving the creature using cryogenics.

2) Doomsday is sent by a totally unanticipated Darkseid. But this seems highly unlikely so I’m going to stick with the first one until proven wrong.

As for the half grown/broken spikes on Doomsday, either they have been broken during a previous battle and Batman’s ‘oh-shit’ moment is not the point at which Doomsday comes into the scene, or it hasn’t been long since Doomsday has been released from cryo-preservation and the spikes haven’t reached their full maturity as is the case with the ninja turtle kinda looking face. Or it could be a combination of both. Not too important for the moment.

Who is created using Zod’s DNA?

Bizzaro! The evidence is pretty good for this one. Bizzaro is almost always created using Kryptonian DNA in the comics. Originally created by Dru-Zod on Krypton as a duplicate of himself, and in Post Crisis Lex creates a failed copy of Superman ending up with Bizarro, and again in The New 52, Lex Luthor tries to use Superman’s DNA to do the same. The comic book evidence is abundant for believing Lex uses Zod’s DNA to create a duplicate of Superman, maybe to do his bidding. But what we don’t know is if we have already seen him in the trailer.

Going back to the Bizarro easter egg from Man of steel, the following image is from the final battle between Zod and Superman. Zod is whirling Superman by the cape before hurling him away.

Final fight from Man of Steel
Final fight from Man of Steel

In between the cameras focus on Zod’s Iris for like a nano second for no apparent reason. But if you pause it in time, what we see is Bizarre……… O….? Lo and behold:

Bizarro easter egg
Bizarro easter egg

That's the the inverted shield right there. Need I say more?

The recently release promo image from Empire looks a bit odd to me as well.

Even before I had thought of the whole Bizarro theory, my first thought at seeing the image was “Bizarro? :/”. Enough on that now.

On a sidenote, the so called dream sequence in which Batman fights a bunch of gunmen decorated with the Superman shield on their arm, and ultimately gets captured, could actually be happening and not a dream. Again, this could be Lex’s doing where he arms his pet Bizzaro with a bunker and goons where you see the angry looking Superman (Bizarro ) with the angry-baby shaped mouth. But this could be a dream after all (yet to see).

Not sure what exactly Wonder Woman’s role is prior to making an entrance at the point where the Duo is trying to figure out who she’s with.

Lastly, it is almost certain that Darkseid is going to be a part of the final act. There’s the scene with the potential parademons, but it’s unclear as to when and why they show up. If it’s in Bruce’s so called dream sequence, why is Bruce dreaming of them? Or is Darkseid messing with his mind? We saw him doing that in the Smallville tv series. Either way. We can’t be too sure. And this last image, where Batman is looking over a field with the Omega symbol engraved, does not look like earth to me. Take a look at the surroundings. Those fire pits don't look earthly to me. Maybe… Apokolips?


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