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I'm sure we are all guilty of slobbing out on the sofa covered in nacho crumbs and imagining how fabulous we could look with the procession of dietitians, stylists, and personal trainers in any self-respecting celeb entourage, but have you ever imagined how it would be the other way round?

A New York based artist named Danny Evans got so fed up with people comparing themselves to the unattainable, photoshopped images of celebrities that he imagined what the stars might look like if you stripped them of their money and prestige to prove a lot of their glamor is circumstantial.

Below are some of the results of his artistic experiment stripping away the red carpet veneer and show us how these celebs could have looked if things hadn't worked out so well for them.

Tom Cruise

The only place this Tom looks like he's Cruising is the nearest Taco Bell.

Madonna and Lady Gaga

Madonna and Gaga channel high school music teacher meets Golden Girls chic in this dramatic make-under.

John Hamm

Alternative name, hammy John.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Without her army of chefs it looks like poor Gwynie has finally succumbed to malnutrition.

Nicole Kidman

The things I saw when Tom joined Scientology, man.

Pamela Anderson

Pammy might have been given a make-under, but she still looks like your friend's foxy aunt who would inappropriately flirt with you at family parties. I like it.

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson

Maybe the Robsten shippers wouldn't be so keen if they could look into the crystal ball...

The Kardashians

Kim's 'cool mom' face is on point... Also, have they changed Kris at all?!

Jennifer Lopez

She's just Jenny at her job.

Johnny Depp


Jennifer Aniston

Do what you want with Jen An, but she still looks like she would be a ton of fun to hit the town with.

John Travolta

There will be hell toupee if John ever sees this...

Zooey Deschanel

At least they let her keep her signature bangs.

(Source: Planet Hitron)


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