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There have been many moments in pop culture where a celebrity has used a new hairstyle to mark a new transition in their life, similar to what normal people do when we break up with our boyfriend/girlfriend. Do you remember when Emma Watson finished the Harry Potter franchise, and in an act of moving on she shocked the world with a minimal coming-of-age pixie cut?

Here are 10 celebrities who have changed their hair in a major way at least once.

1. Miley Cyrus

Miley initially shocked the world by going short, but then shocked us all over again by growing it back.

2. Emma Watson

Emma caused a stir when she debuted a shorter style that is oh so chic. Yes, Emma.

3. David Beckham

Votes for the middle photo!?
Votes for the middle photo!?

David's hair has almost changed as much as the soccer teams he plays for (okay, I know nothing about soccer so sorry if this joke seems infelicitous). Here are a just a couple of his different styles.

4. Alyssa Milano

The world was 'charmed' to see that Alyssa Milano had done away with her long flowing locks and replaced them with a short but incredibly sophisticated pixie cut.

5. Ariana Grande

Ariana's decision to dye her hair platinum was met with surprise. However, this look has definitely grown on me.

6. Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer decided to go for a very short look, and I think it looks just great.

7. Matt Damon

Matt's hair has also changed a lot over time. I'm not sure how I feel about the ponytail though.

8. Tyra Banks

Tyra is a lady who knows her face (SMIZE, everyone!), and so she knows exactly what hairstyles will suit her facial structure. I don't think this woman can do much wrong and the pixie look is on point.

9. Kristen Stewart

I think Kirsten's style is much closer to her personality. She looks perfect.

10. Kelly Rowland

Again, shorter hair looks so much better than long on Kelly.


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