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The film Joshy has one of the funniest casts of any Sundance film in recent memory. The list of comedians they wrangled together for the film is magnificent, and it is hard to imagine not having hilarity ensue with this group.

  • Nick Kroll
  • Thomas Middleditch
  • Adam Pally
  • Alex Ross Perry
  • Brett Gelman
  • Jenny Slate
  • Lauren Graham
  • Aubrey Plaza

The list goes on...

So as a well known comedian what's it like to come along so many other comedy talents? Nick Kroll talked about working with his comedy peers for this film:

"The experience of working with a friend [Brett Gelman] in a very intimate way like we did in this movie was really cool and exciting, and it was like a relationship between men that has various ups and downs and push and pulls that was very interesting and fun."

Gelman shied away from using my term "bromantic", but echoed a lot of these same sentiments felt by Kroll,

"I agree. I mean, it was really an amazing thing to do this with Nick, because I have a relationship with Nick that I don't have with any of my other friends. We're so similar in a way and then different in other ways. And in the ways that we think that we're different, we're not as different as we think."

The comedy scene is smaller than many of this cast originally thought.

Thomas Middleditch had some comments on the comedy scene, and how his circle of friends who do this is growing:

"[The community gets] bigger and bigger every year it feels like... because the business of improv and sketch comedy is bigger and bigger. But it's all about what generation you came up with. I feel like most of our generation that's working... we either know or have worked with."

And co-star Adam Pally shares his perspective on finding his way in this scene:

"I think that the community is big. And so, in that, you tend to clique off more. And it's so big that once you find your group, it's very collegiate in that way."

Alex Ross Perry felt similarly about how awesome it was to see the connections between these various funny people.

"I was fascinated to learn about it. All these spider-weblike connections between the different comedians."

It's incredibly fun to watch a film where a fictitious group of friends has actual ties off screen. I was lucky enough to get an inside look into the comedy scene and how these relationships intertwine.


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