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*( Beware of Spoilers for Legends of Tomorrow & Arrow - Please Do Read Anyway! JK)* This is sorta recap of Legends of Tomorrow's episode from Jan.28th, Enjoy!

After two episodes, I find myself enjoying 'Legends' far more than I should. I never thought I would see a stoner version of 'Firestorm' aka Marty Stein. Every episode of 'Arrow' defines, soap opera heroics - and 'The Flash' borders from comedy to awesome, cheesy superhero antics! Yet, after two episodes, I am falling even more in love with Leonard Snart aka 'Captain Cold'. I did not think The CW, could manage this many characters - and make the plot interesting enough to make me excited for the next episode!

This show actually succeeds in achieving to have fun, unlike its big brother - I love Arrow, but it seems to struggle with a lighter tone of this season. Laurel Lance is a boring character, but Sara Lance is churning out a hilarious performance - I am glad that the writers decided to make her 'White Canary'. Was she the one at the end of this episode to steal a couple of doobs from Marty Stein? So, Sara is actually believable, as someone that could beat the living [email protected]#^ out of me. Does Carter Hall dying, mean that the movies side want him? Amanda Waller bit the bullet last night, because of her upcoming spot in Suicide Squad.

Whoa, Damien Darhk had one line - and he completely showed why he is the best thing to ever happen in the Arrow/Flash universe! Did I mention, how much I am enjoying Captain Cold and Heat Wave! They're the odd couple, and they make everyone else look so less cool. Leonard always has the cheesiest dialogue, but he sound like Shakespeare had a baby with Danny Glover's character in Lethal Weapon (Sgt.Murtaugh).

So the gang is stuck in 1975, at a weapons auction - they of course messed up, and try to kill Vandal Savage. That is the basic summary of the plot, and Firestorm can absorb nuclear blasts - you know, no biggie! Ray Palmer loses a piece of tech, and if they don't find it - then Central City will be burnt to crisp in 2016. Rory, Leonard, and Ray breaks into a house to steal a dagger to kill Vandal, and of course that house belongs to Savage! Vandal and Carter brawl and he kills Hawkman - and of course Kendra feels bad.

Green Arrow, The One-Armed Communist

Rip Hunter does something to help out Martin Stein, to show that he's not a complete jackass. Earlier today, reports from of an one-armed, Green Arrow will be featured on 'Legends of Tomorrow'. Anyone who read, The Dark Knight Returns, knows that this could potentially be awesome! In the battle between Batman and Superman - Green Arrow shoots Kal-El with a Kryptonite arrow, so Batman could give him " I'm the only man" speech. The reports says he will be in 2046 and this makes sense, since the Reverse-Flash said he will live a very long time! Oh yeah, he blames Superman for his arm being non-existent, and supposedly he's still the best archer in the world! Oliver Queen is an essential communist and I am very curious on how LoT's will portray him in 2046! What will be his reason for his missing arm?

I could write tons more, but why, go watch the show. I was one of the people that thought it would be horrible. I am still questioning, how long can the show maintain this budget and quality? DC saves the amusing entertainment for television and the super serious-side for the movies. Watch it, then go spend $200 bucks on shots - and try to take home some lucky guy/girl, hopefully they'll love the show too!

'Legends of Tomorrow' airs on February 4th at 8:00 P.M, on the CW!


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