ByMichelle Siouty, writer at

It's time to pick a team: are you going with 'Team Cap' and 'Team Stark'?

Judging by this insane new promotional artwork released for Captain America: Civil War replicas, it really looks like I'd better stay out of it, as I am no match for these skilled superheroes.

This badass poster for the toys is making me so incredibly excited for the new TV spot set to air during the Super Bowl game next weekend.

Iron Studio's newest figurines will be 1/4- and 1/10-scaled replica statues of these mighty heroes, so any little ones you know (or perhaps just yourself) can play with them all day long.

May 6th really can't get here any sooner. But for now, I'll just re-watch the trailer over and over again to curb my Captain America appetite. And maybe it's time to buy some toys again.



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