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Ever since we watched open-mouth as those daggers plunged into Jon Snow's flesh, Game Of Thrones fans have been eagerly speculating over whether or not everyone's favorite Watcher on the Wall was really dead.

The fact that the first teaser trailer for Season 6 opened with a shot of Jon Snow and included the words "they have no idea what's going to happen" did nothing to stop tongues wagging — no matter how many members of the cast and crew trotted out in front of media outlets to confirm that Snow's story finished with Season 5.

Now, though, Jon Snow himself has attempted put an end to the ongoing speculation. Actor Kit Harrington stated in an interview with Digital Spy that Game Of Thrones fans should "get used" to Snow being dead.

Harrington is adamant that he's no longer a cast member, saying that he has not "done Thrones in a while." He seems to be moving on to other areas in his career and is due to appear in the legendary Christopher Marlowe play Doctor Faustus in London this summer.

Season 6 of Game Of Thrones, though? Harrington isn't involved, at least according to him. Even if HBO's own poster for the new season suggests something else entirely.

We'll have to wait until April to see whether Harrington is telling the truth or trying to throw fans off the scent. Whether Jon Snow returns or not, the actor says he'll be watching, and "can't wait for the next season."

Amen, Kit. You and me both!

Source: Digital Spy


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