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I think it’s time to throw some shade at cinematic universes. I am talking about the MCU we all know and love and the soon to be DCCU that I am sure we will be fond of. Are they really as amazing as we make them out to be? Let’s take a closer look.

In Marvel’s case, what is better than seeing all of our favorite superheroes together on the big screen? This year we will get to see Iron Man and Captain America duke it out with an almost overwhelming list of supporting characters. But what about the small screen players? While Dare Devil, Jessica Jones, and the soon to be new additions to Marvel’s Netflix roster are relatively unaltered by the greater scope of the MCU, aside from the occasional reference to the Avengers or the Battle of New York, what about the basic cable players like Agents of Shield, Agent Carter, and the soon to be new spin off shows?


In terms of Agent Carter, while the shows premise is cool, and nods to other MCU characters are always a fun time, at the end of the day because of the present day movies, we know that our main protagonist is never in any real danger. Captain America: Winter Soldier and even Ant Man has shown us that Peggy Carter is still alive and kicking, so while watching the show while it may be great adventure, we as viewers know that the stakes are never really that high.


The real MCU issue comes when discussing Agents of Shield. This is a TV series that took the greater length of an entire season to find its footing, the reason for that? Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Once the release of that movie occurred, Shield was blown up, and Agents of Shield was finally allowed some creative freedom. This is the difficulty with a show that is linked to its movie counterparts, creative freedom is generally low. In AOS’s case however, the entire aura of the show changed once the focus became less on shield itself and more on the Inhumans as that group had yet to have been introduced in the MCU. Since that time, one could make the case that the show has become much more entertaining and interesting and has allowed for greater character development across the board.


The DCCU has presented a different challenge for its film and TV offerings. It has been made official that the DC films and DC are in no way linked. Meaning, The Arrow and The Flash and their sub-characters are in no way affiliated with any potential big screen characters. In some ways this allows creative freedom for both the film universe and flarrowverse, unless we are discussing the introduction and quick omission of Harley Quinn in Arrow or even Batman and Superman on TV. On the other hand, it also could confuse the casual viewer who has come to know Grant Gustin as The Flash and not Ezra Miller. Perhaps even more concerning is the fact that both Arrow and The Flash have become incredibly successful. This creates a tremendous amount of pressure for Ezra Miller to make the roll of Barry Allen his own. Something will need to be done that differentiates The Flash film from the TV show. Otherwise what’s the point of the movie if we are just rehashing the same plot points on a bigger screen? I am sure many of you will take this as an overreaction and that is fine. But it is something that bears consideration.


Let’s also not kid ourselves either, while the MCU and DCCU may create limitations and problems, the fact that we all get to see our favorite characters interact with each other and get to feel the greater scope of the movies play out amongst minor characters on TV is truly amazing. I do wonder though how the TV and film universes would have played out if in Marvel’s case they were not connected and in DC’s case they were.

What do you think though?

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