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Episode: Accomplishment

Satoru is set out on preventing Kayo from getting Kidnapped. The day of her disappearing is getting closer and closer and he knows he is going to have to be more persistent in order to change that.

The episode starts with Satoru asking to go to the Science Center to his mom during breakfast. He wants to go with Kayo to further his bond with her. This leads to him basically spending every moment he can with her, from being the first to her house to walk to school, to being the last to walk her home.

Things get interesting when him and Kayo spend the afternoon at the Science Center, there he notices something that we have been noticing for some time. He notices that the new timeline he has created isn't all that different from the previous one, all the events are finding their way back to him but with different context. He doesn't know if this is his memory that is causing to put himself in similar situations. As a result he puts extra effect into making the events change even changing his personality.

It all leads up to the day of Kayo's disappearance. Its both their birthdays and they spend their parties at Satoru's house. He is happy when the day of over because he feels like he finally changed something for the better. The next day he is late to school but it turns out he isn't the only one who is late as well. Kayo still hasn't showed up yet, our first thought is that he has only pushed the event off by just a day but we won't find out until next week.

This has been the best episode of the show by far, we have seen all the character grow in this episode, even the mother of Kayo who kinda takes a step back when Satoru is so insistent on spending time with Kayo. I am also starting to doubt that anyone in the show is involved with her disappearance, but possibly another family issue that we have yet to find out about. I also found the time travel element and past memory to be interesting that no matter how much he changes, he ends up replaying the same events without even noticing. I hope the next episode gets more interesting as we progress beyond the point of the major disappearance of Kayo.


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