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Chris Pine & company take to the waters in this extraordinary tale of real-life heroism. The Finest Hours is an upcoming historical-drama directed by Craig Gillespie. The film itself chronicles the rescue of crew members aboard two failing oil tankers, the SS fort Mercer and the SS Pendleton. The film comes at a time when people are looking more closely at real-life tragedy and events while trying to understand how history has brought us to the world we live in today.

Here's the plot:

The rescue mission took place in 1952 off the Cape Cod coast after two oil tankers, SS Fort Mercer and SS Pendleton, were destroyed by treacherous winter winds and waves. The crew of motor life boat CG 36500 and the crew of a surfboat from the USCGC Yakutat heroically rescued nearly all the tankers' crewmen.

It's rare to see films like this in theaters, so when films like this do come out there many who flock to the cinema to witness an event from history retold on the silver screen. The story itself is actually quite inspiring and a testament to the bravery and heroism displayed by the servicemen in the Coast guard. It's also interesting to see the film embrace the style and feel of the times based on the accents and attire showcased in the trailers and numerous tv spots for the film. It's unclear how this will do at the box-office, so it will need good word-of-mouth to carry it home. There are plenty of reasons to see this, but if you're fan of the lead actor, then you can add this to your must-see list for the year.


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