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Will Marvel just reset the universe with the Infinity Gauntlet and make certain changes - and if they go this route, a lot of the audience will leave thinking ' I think Thor was prettier as a man'! Age will plague us all, and we also need variety - new actors sometimes bring a much needed boost, not that I want Chris Hemsworth to leave any time soon. I sometimes sit in traffic, and ponder - how could this work, if they brought in this character, in the MCU? This article will contain suggestions on how to bring some of our favorite characters - in our beloved Marvel Cinematic Universe!

How awesome would it be if Marvel decided to make a movie with younger heroes - trying to save the world and call it 'The Runaways' (They've already have a comic out with the same premise and name!) The biggest problem with that occurring - Fox owns most of the rights to those characters, and not a lot people know who they are! So how can one introduce a plethora of new characters, and not disrupt continuity? Also, make it plausible - so that you do not hear the roar, of millions of fans bickering about their beloved characters vanishing!

I truly believe that the creative minds behind Marvel, can come up with other possibilities than the Infinity Gauntlet. You could also be thinking ' Yeah, they got so many other characters, they could introduce first, like right'? Yes, but they're so many platforms to introduce these characters, and I would love seeing Miles Morales teasing Kamala Khan about how his powers are cooler! Yes, I understand that the House of Mouse, are waiting until they need a face-lift, but why not already have these characters sippin' coffee with the Avengers? Here are five new characters to introduce, organically in the MCU!

1.) A Female Thor - A young, teenager that needs the confident boost to be mighty!

As much as I would love to see Gwendoline Christie use Mjolnir, this will most likely never happen. The chances of Natalie Portaman picking up the hammer are less - if Emma Watson and I were to role play Harry Potter together, and I was Hermione, and she was Bellatrix Lestrange! I would like to see a reenactment of New Mexico, and some young girl picks up the mighty hammer. She would be like anyone, and she will be struggling with life - this would make the new Thor an underdog, that we as audience members could root for! This could happened at any time depending Thor: Ragnarok and I would love to see how someone would react to being worthy of 'Thor'!

2) Kate Bishop - An Archer, no not the one on FX! A New Hawkeye

Okay, this one will definitely happen after [The Avengers: Infinity War](tag:738027) - the only question is how/when Marvel will setup passing of the mantle? She could be mention in any slate of upcoming of Marvel's projects. She could also finally wear an awesome costume, because unlike Hawkeye (who we actually know very little about) - her backstory could be anything and who doesn't love an awesome costume?

Kate could do something that Hawkeye never could manage - be interesting, and a fan-favorite amongst the Marvel community. She could be introduced when Scott Lang takes Cassie, to a fair, and she does amazing trick shots! I would love to see Elizabeth Gillies (she would make a great Black Cat also), play the wise-cracking archer - it would be awesome to see her joking with the Marvel's Avengers.

She's the one on the right, sorry for the quality
She's the one on the right, sorry for the quality

3) Miles Morales - Spider-Man

Miles could play a crucial role in Spider-Man's second outing in the Marvel Universe. After the tragic events of Infinity War, a damaged Peter wants to take a break from being our favorite wall-crawler! The death of Peter in the Ultimate Comics, was one of my favorite stories of all-time - and to do justice, something tragic must occur in introducing Miles.

Miles could receive his powers and foregoes helping someone (for fear of his father finding out) - and when he does Spider-Man pretends to be gravely injured, and retires because he lacked the bravery to do something. This guilt will eat away at young Mr.Morales, and which he then decides he must take up the mantle of Spider-Man. He would then face a challenge so great, and right before his death - Spider-Man comes to his rescue and then they both fight the the threat together. Afterwards, Spider-Man could go global, and Miles could protect New York! (I can dream,right?)

4) Kamala Khan - Ms. Marvel

We need her in Marvel, to demonstrate that anyone can be a hero! Her parents moved from Pakistan and she's one of the funniest characters I've read in comics - she has a line in her first book, where she realizes that Ms.Marvel never wore underwear in her politically incorrect costume.

We will have to wait to see her, until Captain Marvel hits theaters. I would love to see her join forces with other young Avengers, and see how they react differently to certain antagonists! I'm really not sure how the public would perceive her - but once they see she's a good-nature hero, hopefully they'll root for her, like I do. I would love to see her fight along with Spider-Man, and see which hero cracks better jokes!

5) Amadeus Cho - The Totally Awesome 'Something'

Dr.Helen Cho was already introduced in Avengers: Age of Ultron, and I have no clue when we could see one of the smartest people in the Marvel Universe introduced. Recently, he took over being the Hulk in comics, and used to pal around with Hercules. His intelligence, ranks with Tony Stark, and if they decided to put a 'Young Avengers' squad together, he would be a prime candidate to lead. I would love to see him introduced proving Bruce Banner and Tony Stark wrong - this is a fanboy talking, but I am sure some of these characters will make their appearance soon!

If only you were in the MCU Ol' Man Wolvie
If only you were in the MCU Ol' Man Wolvie


I am a huge fanboy (obviously), and as actors age - the studio must replace their character. Going the James Bond route, would seem uninspired - yet it would keep a steady supply of cash coming. If the studio can manage to make it work, then I am all for keeping the same characters around! Could Sam Alexander, Ava Ayala, Doreen Green, and so many more join to the elusive MCU? I am very excited to see what all-new, all-different choices Marvel will do next!


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