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I bet you didn't know that Loki is low-key a country singer.

Loki actor Tom Hiddleston makes the perfect Hank Williams in the film I Saw the Light, according to director Marc Abraham.

Check out this catchy song below, which was actually sung by Tom Hiddleston.

Marc Abraham spoke with Buzzfeed about how grueling the day had been when filming this song for the film with Hiddleston. There were hundreds of extras, the venue was incredibly cold, and the shoot was going to take hours and hours long to complete.

But Hiddleston brought warmth to set that day, singing other songs in between takes to entertain and heat up the audience.

I Saw the Light tells the story of country-western singer Hank Williams and his rise to fame, as well as the negative effects it had on his health and his home life.

I Saw the Light is set to hit theaters March 25, 2016. So giddy up and enjoy the tunes as we wait for March to arrive.

[Source: Buzzfeed]


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