ByAlyssa Foster, writer at

Okay, so this is about the new Mortal Instruments series, Shadowhunters. It seems preeeeettty stupid. The first episode makes fans want to turn off the T.V. Any die hard fan could see that they strayed pretty far from the original stuff. Too far some may say. I am among those some. Others are just pushovers to Hollywood's ruthless tatics. They should never freaking make a show unless they have absolutely STUDIED the book they are basing it off of. Do it like you advertised PPL!

If you are going to make a show and say its going to be EXACTLY like the book, I would expect a few changes. But that many is just stupid. They have messed everything up. Jocelyn never told Clary anything about the shadow world, but she was going to. She got the Stele from Jace. Luke is not black, nor is he the chief of police. They just use and abandoned police station as a hideout. DUH, pay attention Hollywood!!! And I doubt they will ever get Valentine right. And if they would just change Simons glasses to black, he wouldn't look like a 30 yr old creeper. Also Jace does not look that buff. He should have more of that vulnerability that Jamie Campbell Bower brought to the table. I mean Jamie played that part absolutely PERFECT. Unfortunately he was not available to play that part as was Lily Collins not available to play Clary. A truly saddening thing.

And what they did to the Institute? I mean come on people, it was PERFECT in the movie. To high-tech in the show, and there were not that many Shadowhunters walking around. Hmmmm, and Hodge? I can only imagine what they did to him............Pangborn, and Marsye and Robert and Max? Did Cassandra Clare turn into a pushover on this? Only time will tell......


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