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Sleep all day. Party all night. Never grow old. Never die. It's fun to be a vampire. When it comes to vampire flicks, The Lost Boys is definitely considered to a classic of the vampire sub-genre. It originally came out in the '80s, a decade where scary movies ruled cinemas, and the fairly new horror-comedy genre was growing in popularity. The movie was about a divorced family moving to Santa Clara, California, the "murder capital of the world". The family's eldest son Michael runs into a group of vampires and unknowingly (after ingesting the leader's blood) starts to transform into one himself. From there, with the help of his younger, adolescent brother Sam and two eccentric vampire hunters the 'Frog brothers', he'll reclaim his mortality (cause who wants to live forever, right?) and send those demons to hell and back.

Within the last month, The Lost Boys was in the news after it was announced Brooke McCarter passed away at the age of 52 from a liver condition called alpha 1-antitrypsin deficincy (AAT). McCarter was one of the Lost Boys/ Paul to be exact. He had one of the most memorable deaths in the film, as his character was pushed into a bath of garlic infused, holy water that fried him and stripped the skin away from his skeleton. This resulted in his blood bursting through the bathtub, sinks, toilet and pipes. McCarter began his career as a model and worked on some big name campaigns like JC Penney and Levi's. Afterwards, he transitioned into acting and eventually scoring independent films and documentaries.

In honor of McCarter's memory, assorted members from The Lost Boys cast will gather together at Monster-Mania's thirty-third convention to pay tribute. Those who are scheduled to appear include: G Tom Mac, Jamison Newlander, Chance Michael Corbitt and Billy Wirth. Jason Patric (Michael in the movie) is also slated to attend (this will be his first convention appearance). However, it hasn't been mentioned if he'll take part in the event. The convention will run from March 11 (my birthday!) to March 13, and be held in Cherry Hill, NJ. For those who are interested click on the link for more info.

After entertaining people for over twenty years this seems to be an appropriate send off for McCarter. Past friends, colleagues and fans gathering together to discuss their passion for the film and divulging how McCarter impacted/touched their lives. Considering Monster-Mania's upstanding reputation and favorable reception, this doesn't come off as a quick cash grab. In fact, I couldn't think of a better way to celebrate the life of this talented performer.


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