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Before we begin, let me assure you that this drama post is something I'm only doing once. I'll be back with my regular movie and TV posts soon. :)

One of my most favorite YouTubers that I'm subscribed to is Matthew Santoro. He's a fun, quirky guy that uploads every week about some fun facts and myths about specific topics. He currently has over 5 million subscribers and for a while, he dated Nicole Arbour, another "comedian" with 300,000 subscribers on YouTube.

But several months ago (last year), it was revealed that Nicole Arbour PHYSICALLY ABUSED Matthew Santoro. You can hear about the story by watching this video with YouTuber Rob Dyke (good friend of Matthew's) being interviewed.

That was uploaded on September 9, 2015 and three days after that, Matthew filmed his own video explaining what happened. He accidentally made the video public on January 10, 2016 and made it private again. However, he received a lot of support from fans and he reuploaded it here.

In Matthew's video, he never addresses Nicole by name, but Nicole herself has said that he was talking about her in the video and she gave her own side of things in this video.

UPDATE: As you can see, if you try watching the video above, which originally went to a video Nicole made responding to Matt, you'll see that it's been privated. Because Nicole knows she's lost.

But there are some direct contradictions between the two videos, which means that one of them had to be lying because there is only one truth in this. And luckily, an AWESOME YouTuber named GradeAUnderA was able to sort everything out and prove WHICH ONE was lying. And because of that video, he's gaining subscribers fast. When he first uploaded that on January 16, he had about 600,000+ subscribers. Now he has 830,000+ subscribers and the number is going up fast. He's been verified on YouTube and Matt subscribed to him.

I'll cover some stuff that Grade said in his video.

Here's the proof that Nicole was lying...

So, everyone knows that domestic abuse/violence is a MAJOR offense. It's a serious thing. I may be comical occasionally, but this whole thing is something I'm not ready to joke about. And I don't think Matt, who was abused, is ready to joke about either.

Nicole has been abused of physically abusing Matt and she thinks that people will believe her video saying her side of the story. But this is because she has already deleted a GLARING piece of evidence that clearly shows she was lying. According to Grade, here's one of the principles of uploading to YouTube:

Once you upload something, you can't delete it. Because someone will have downloaded the video.

A few months ago, Nicole uploaded a video called "Dear Matt", and Nicole appears to be under the impression that no one has the video because she deleted it. But many have downloaded the video, including Grade. She deleted it because what she said in "Dear Matt" contradicts EVERYTHING she said in "Abuse Story - My Side of Things".

Here's the video in question reuploaded by Nick Ross.

Here's how Matt's video and Nicole's new video contradict.

Getting hit in the face

According to Matt and Rob Dyke, Nicole struck Matt in the face. But in Nicole's new video, she says there was no domestic abuse and nothing happened. But come on, Nicole. You think that if you are accused of a crime and you say it didn't happen, everyone's just going to believe you. Where's the proof? And I'm asking both sides now.

Who Dumped Who?

In Matt's video, he says he broke up with Nicole. In Nicole's video, she says she broke up with Matt. One has to be lying because they can't both be right. But if we go to the "Dear Matt" video that Nicole deleted, she says this:

"If you saw his vlog today, you would see that we broke up...I don't want to break up anymore. I don't want to do that."

So, if Nicole was the one who broke up with Matt in the first place, did that actually sound like she's the one who broke up with him? The proof that she said it is in the above video.

Getting Back Together

Take a look at this quote from her NEW video:

"While we were broken up, he got a place down the street from me in hopes that we would get back together."

And she Tweeted this:

So, it seems like Matt was DESPERATE for them to get back together.

But let's take another look at a quote from the "Dear Matt" vid:

"We broke up and I am making this video to say that I think we made a mistake-The guy that I'm pretty sure is going to be fathering my kids one day-I love you and I want to be with you. I'm sorry and I think we made a mistake. I love you and I want to figure this out."

Let's be honest here. Who do you think was actually desperate to get back together? Nicole said Matt wanted to get back together in her new video and Tweet. But in her old video which she intentionally deleted, she clearly wants to get back together with Matt through tearshed eyes.


Here's a quote from her new video.

"I had asked repeatedly while dating him that my private life not be put on the Internet."

Wait, what?!

Apparently, Nicole doesn't want to have her private life put on the internet. And in case you don't know, Periscope is an app made by Twitter where you live stream anything you want. And if you want to do anything private and personal, it can easily be done in a live stream. Matthew Santoro has 178 MILLION hearts on Periscope, the most in the world. So, you may understand Nicole's point that she doesn't want to be Periscoped.

But isn't it a little hypocritical when SHE HERSELF has 22 million hearts herself?

Talking **** About Each Other

Take a look at another quote from the lie-packed new video she made.

"You don't have to attack each other after. You don't have to talk crap about each other."

But look at this comment Nicole posted.

Wow. How nice.

More Beef About Nicole

Here is yet another quote from the "Dear Matt" video in which she actually tells the truth.

"The best part about the last few months of my life has 100% been dating Matthew Santoro."

Do you see how nice Matthew was to her? All you have to do is watch some of Matt's videos and you'll see how nice he is. And despite how nice Matt was, Nicole is still making up lies to make herself look good.

Proof Nicole Is Withholding The Truth

Earlier, I said that Grade is one of the people that downloaded Nicole's honest video. After uploading it, Grade Tweeted this to Nicole:

And right when Nicole found out, she had the video taken down immediately. Because she knows that if people watch that video, they'll know she was the liar. If you click on the link to the video, you'll see that you can't view it.


You can see that Nicole is clearly a hypocrite because she says in this quote from her new video:

"Whether you like my act and my rants or not, I don't care. I don't care."

OK, Nicole. You've made your point. You don't care about getting negative criticism, so let's take a look at the comments section of that video.


Nicole clearly says she doesn't care about whether people like her or not. AND YET SHE DISABLES COMMENTS on the video she said it in! Really?!

Let's take a look at the ratings of the video, too.


You can still dislike the video, but they're not public and you don't get notified for dislikes and likes, as far as I know. And it's not just this video where she's disabled ratings and comments, but pretty much all of her latest videos.


Here's something for you to know: Nicole does everything for attention and controversy. She loves controversy because she realized that more controversy = more views. And she loves getting views. For example, she made a video called "Dear Fat People" which went viral because of the way she overtly insulted corpulent people.

And she gets 9 million views on that video. She almost NEVER gets over a million views. The only other three videos she's made with over a million views are the Abuse Story video in which she lied, a video about the Dear Fat People video, and a video where she did the same, but with black people.

She uploaded a video entitled "I LOVE DONALD TRUMP". It was originally called "DEAR DONALD TRUMP" but she changed it because she didn't get enough attention. To see more eye-opening proof from Grade (who's a LEGEND), watch this video with Grade exposing her for more lies and her behavior in the past.

And she's actually GAINING subscribers! She has 301,000+ subscribers right now. When I checked a few days ago, she had 296,001 subscribers. Why are people subscribing to her? Why do people like her? Let me be clear:

If you support Nicole Arbour, you support someone who has abused her boyfriend, withheld evidence from you, and lied to you countless times (watch Grade's video above for more lies).

Final Thoughts

Let me just reiterate what I've told you before. Nicole Arbour physically struck her boyfriend, then threatened to kill herself and blame him so that he could lose his YouTube audience, then once she saw that Matt was getting 4 million views for a video he made about her, she decides to get her own views by uploading a video lying about abusing her boyfriend, deleting a video in which she said the truth, and is still making jokes and talking s*** about a person who she abused. Watch Grade's two videos and watch Matt's video to see what she's done. She is a bad person and there's currently a petition to terminate her YouTube channel here.

And again, soon, I'll be back with more theories and cool stuff on movies. Thanks for reading.


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