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DC's Legends of Tomorrow is the CW's newest show starring characters from the shows Flash and Arrow. Their objective is to travel to both the past and future to stop the evil Vandal Savage. Check out the trailer below.

The show is currently one episode in, and already playing with the whole time-travel aspect having gone to the past. Now it's been confirmed when the gang travels to future in episode six (more specifically the year 2046), they will be running into a familiar face. Yes, The Green Arrow.

So rejoice fans, as it's been confirmed he'll finally have his famous goatee, despite Amell saying it wouldn't happen.

Not only that, but he will also have another iconic look the Green Arrow has had before. He will be missing his left arm, as a nod to the comic The Dark Knight Returns.

This source coming from executive producer Marc Guggenheim when talking to

"As an added bonus to comic book fans, Oliver is missing his left arm and will be sporting a goatee, in a nod to the character’s appearance in the seminal Dark Knight Returns, we think this episode features some of the coolest things we’ve ever done."

But it doesn't stop there. The episode will also introduce Connor Hawke, who is not only Oliver's son, but the second Green Arrow.

"Every once in a while, we do an episode where the 10 year-old me has to pinch himself," executive producer Marc Guggenheim said in a statement provided to "We're not only introducing our version of Connor Hawke to our universe, we're going to meet the 2046 version of Oliver Queen, and Stephen Amell is going to be reprising his role from Arrow."

You can catch DC's Legends of Tomorrow episodes every Thursday night at 8:00 P.M. on the CW


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