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But i think differdntly. I think bardock after getting hit with the super nova got sent through a time loop to the past. And he defeated chilled and became super saiyan after that. Bardock had no clue about the dragonballs. Only reason vegeta found out is because of listening in on raditz final leacture. And all the scouters are connected so frieza learn that way too. if bardock became a ssjgod of red or blue. He would be able to beat all the saiyans with ease. In dragonball super gokus ssjgod punch collided with lord beerus fist and sent a universal shockwave that threatened the whole 6 universes existance. Going by that. If bardock went ssj god regardless of the time limit or powerlimit as shown in super. Ssjg would be able to obbliterate every evil saiyan on the planet without any difficulty ever in the ozaru state. And if it was bardock then he would probably be able to absorb the power like goku. and still be able to obliterate all of the ozarus with ease. My theory is m based off fact. my theory is. When bardock got sent back he died in that era. Cause he had 0 clue about the dragonballs.


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