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In the latest episode of Arrow, a few different things happen. One of which being John Diggle's younger brother earning back his trust. However, that isn't what caught my eye. When Felicity Smoak was shot, her spinal cord was damaged to a point where the doctors said she would never walk again. When this development arose, many people theorized that Felicity would become Oracle. Normally Oracle is the name for Barbara Gordon in a wheelchair being a computer whiz. The traits fit, and Arrow has been known to borrow plot points from Batman (for example the whole Ra's Al Ghul arc).

In the latest episode though, that theory was debunked with a single exchange.

"Overwatch, how are we doing?"


"I figured it was about time to got a code-name. I was going to go with Oracle, but it's already taken."

Oliver gives Felicity the code-name Overwatch. And in the same exchange, he lets us know that Oracle exists in the same universe as Oliver Queen and his friends. Now what does this mean for the show?

It could mean absolutely nothing, but if that was the case I would not be bothering to write about it. However, this nod to Oracle excites me because I am a big Batgirl fan, and by extension Oracle too. Oracle exists in the same universe as The Flash and Arrow. It could just be a nod to the older CW Seed show, Birds of Prey that had Oracle, Dinah Lance and Huntress Helena Kyle. However, it could be more than that.

My theory is that this is a hint towards things to come. Perhaps Oracle will appear in Arrow at some date. I know what you might be thinking though: Felicity is already a computer genius who tags when something is happening in Star City. Why would they need Oracle?

At the end of this episode, Oliver says he will not quit until he finds a way for Felicity to walk again. My theory is that perhaps Oracle will play a part. Oracle has a wheelchair that reacts to neural impulses so she doesn't have to pilot her chair with her hands but with her mind. She also has an extension of that that helps her walk a few steps. However, that thing is known to perhaps make Oracle's condition worse. Who has a gigantic corporation built on technology though?

Picture courtesy of CW, Arrow
Picture courtesy of CW, Arrow

FELICITY SMOAK, CEO of Palmer Tech does!

My suggestion is that perhaps Oliver Queen discovers the existence of Oracle's technology, and Oracle makes an appearance to help Felicity, but Felicity ends up helping them both in the process with her tech company.

What do you think? Is it possible? Tell me in the comments! Do you have any other theories you think could happen?


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