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What do we know already know about Zoom and Hunter zomolon

Zoom is from earth two

As we know, zoom is from earth two and has been a problem for several years now. Considering that the breaches between earths one and two have only been open since the end of season one, I find it highly unlikely that zoom could have been living a double life in a place that hadn't yet been accessed.

Hunter Zolomon is from earth one

Not only is Hunter Zolomon an inhabitant of earth one, Jay Garrick has cased him for a long time. He's researched well, he would know if Hunter were also moonlighting as a super villain on earth two.

Why the Hunter name dropping means absolutely nothing. Seriously, absolutely nothing.

While some people might take Hunter Zolomon's appearance as a subtle hint to his comic book character, I see it as a psych out. For months now, the Flash executives have been keeping zoom's identity a complete secret. It doesn't feel right that they would suddenly confirm one of the most popular internet theories. It feels like a gimme, something to keep the Fan base happy while they continue to set up the real zoom.


It's Henry Allen (earth 2)

Of all the theories abot zoom's identity, this one makes the most sense to me. I especially like it because of the earth 2 newspaper in which Robert Queen is alive. That is the one piece of evidence that seemed to hint that the fathers play a role in this whole thing.

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