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The Lunar Chronicles is a popular book series written by Marissa Meyer. The novel takes place in the future and is about a group of rebels attempting to overthrow the evil Levana, queen of planet Luna. THIS IS NOT A REAL CASTING CALL! I AM ONLY A FAN!

Linh Cinder is one of the main protagonists of the novel, and is a gifted mechanic. She is clever, witty, sarcastic and serious about her work and loyal to her friends. Cinder is half cyborg and half human. She fell in love with Prince Kai at the ball in the first book in the series. To play this part, I chose Shay Mitchell. She is known for playing Emily in Pretty Little Liars. Shay is a incredible actress who is used to playing the smart, hard working characters, and does a great job of it.

Another main protagonist of the aeries is Scarlett. She is tough and sassy and sarcastic, but also had her moments of sweetness, especially to her grandmother and boyfriend, Wolf. To play this role, I chose Karen Gillan. Known for playing Amy Pond in Doctor Who, we all know she is capable of being tight, sassy and sarcastic, and can can also be sweet and in love. We also know she will be able to pull of an American accent like she did in Oculus.

Cress is another important protagonist in the book. She has been locked away in a tower her whole life, and longs to find her true love. When Captain Carswell Thorne reaches her form the tower, she fell in love with him, though he attempted to convince her that she didn't really, that it was just because he was the only man she had ever met. However, this does not change her feeling toward him throughout the series. She is sweet and naive, but also is an incredible hacker and computer genius. To play this role, I chose Chloe Grace Moretz. Chloe has the look, personality and the skills to play a role like Cress. She has played love struck roles like this before, such as Mia from If I Stay.

Winter is a beautiful young princess, raised by the evil queen Levana, her stepmother. Winter is very kind and adored by many, and is known for her beauty. However, she has visions that drive her mad and she is certifiably insane. She is madly in love with her guard and best friend Jacin Clay. To play this difficult role, I chose Zendaya Coleman. Zendaya hasn't ha a chance to play a serious role like this one yet in her career, but I believe she has the skills to be able to play a character who is kind a crazy, sweet and insane, while remaining loved by the audience.

Queen Levana is the main antagonist of the series. She is an evil queen that obsesses over her looks and uses a power called "glamour" that allows you to have appear however you want to. She wants nothing more than to be queen of not only Luna, but also Earth, so she forces the emperor of New Beijing, Kai, to marry her. Levana is incredibly beautiful, by this is only because of her Lunar glamour. In reality, her sister had burned Levana and caused her to be deformed and ugly, but she used glamour to hide it. To play this role, I chose Idina Menzel. Idina Menzel has played powerful women before, such as Elsa from Frozen, and played Elphaba on the Broadway show Wicked. Idina is gorgeous and powerful and is totally callable of pulling off this role.

Sybil Mira was the head thamauturge to Levana. She raised Cress, but was later killed in battle. She was a major antagonist of the series. To play this role, I chose Mila Kunis. Mila sort of juts has that look of sophistication that not all actors have, which is what makes her perfect for the role of Sybil.

Iko is a naive, sweet android who was given a body by Captain Carswell Thorne, whom she enjoys fitting with. She is very sweet, and is best friends with Cinder. She tries to help people as much as possible, and lives fashion. To play this role, I chose Vanessa Hudgens. Vanessa has always been able to pull off the naive characters with her quiet, higher toned voice and her sweet sparkling smile. Vanessa would be perfect for this role.2

WPrince Kai, a main protagonist, was once the prince of New Beijing, but was then forced to be emperor when is father died of the plague. He was forced into marriage with Levana, though he was in live with Cinder. He is clever, kind, and loyal to his people. To play this role, I chose Dennis Oh.

Captain Carswell Thorne, another main protagonist, is a stubborn man who expects to always get what he wants. He is incredibly handsome, and is known as a heartthrob to all who know him. He flirts with every girl he meets, but only does this to make his true love, Cress, jealous. To play this role, I chose Theo James. Theo is super handsome and is most known for his performance in Divergent, where he played a similar role to Thorne.

Another protagonist is Jacin Clay, who is Winter's guard, and also her childhood best friend. Though she is crazy, he looks past that and sees her kindness and generosity in her heart. Jacin comes off as rude and irritable at first, but is also very protective of Winter and is incredibly kind when it comes to her. He is in love with her, and saves her life when Levana orders him to kill Winter. To play this role, I chose Sam Claflin. Sam is most known for his performance in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. The role of Finnick Odair as much different the Jacin Clay. Finnick was self absorbed and focused completely on himself, while Jacin is selfless and protective of others, especially Winter. However, being the amazing actor that he is, would no doubt be able to pull of this role.

There are still many minor characters that I did not cast such as Adri, Pearl, Peony, Aimery, Torin, Scarlett's grandmother, and more, so I will leave this to your imagination. Comment on your picks for actors to play those characters and also the characters I had stated previously. I'm open to suggestions! Also, please remember that this is not a legitimate casting, I am just a fan!


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