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Well, as we all know, Frost is a fighter from universe 6 and he will fight for team champa on the tournament. And Frost is from Frieza’s race and looks very similar to Frieza’s first form. On Chapter 7 of Dragon Ball Super Manga we got only the first impression of Frost and Goku-Vegeta reacted surprisingly seeing the similarity with Frieza. We didn’t know if he was evil or good or anything else. I

Now, on chapter 8 of Dragon Ball Super we got further information about Frost.

Frost Character Design
Frost Character Design

Firstly, he is the emperor of Universe 6. That means I am assuming he leads the saiyans. And the dots are connected by cabe as he said they fight for good. Secondly, Picollo couldn’t sense evil aura that is Frost is basically a good guy. Therefore, Frost is from Frieza’s race- a race that we have known as an evil race till now. Still, he is not evil. He is still the emperor of Universe and as it appears that the saiyans are also good which most probably means Frost leads the saiyans or employees the saiyans to fight for good.

But, then Picollo mentioned Frost is also hiding something.

What is Frost hiding? What Could be his secrets? Could he be related to hit? Was he also from universe 7 and related to Frieza?

Check out further details, analysis and assumptions on this video-

Frost- The Emperor From Frieza's Race- Dragon Ball Super Chapter 8



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