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It is also very like the Star Wars universe to Jedi our minds.

Oh here are these obvious ass clues that she's Luke Skywalker's daughter.

Then there is the "that is too obvious, she must be a Kenobi", thinkers, because it's a distant possibility.

What about the slap-in-the-face, you didn't think we'd do it again, scenario.

It is very very likely, that she is Kylo's sister. They were raised as cousins, and possibly is lead to believe Luke is her father.

Jedi reflexes and the knack for mechanics puts her more closely down the Padme Leia path. A grandmother who fought viciously for her people and a mother who did the same. Having Han as a father makes more sense.


Episode 8 opens, Luke is training her, helping her regain memories. He won't tell her who her father is. They make you wait until the closing scenes for a memory to pop up.

She's a little kid, running toward a male figure yelling "Daddy you're home",but you only see legs.

Han Solo turns around and hugs her, flash to present...

...Rey storms off

"Where are you going? !"

"To kill my brother. .."



But who knows...


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