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Marionne Lirios

With yet another Wolverine movie coming our way in the not-so-distant future, we cannot help but wonder why other X-Men characters are not given that same special treatment in the form of a solo movie or a franchise.

Yes, we all know that Wolverine is the most popular mutant in the X-Men Universe and he somehow leads the pack. We have seemed to memorize a day in the life of this hairy-faced bulky guy with retractable claws and self-healing powers. But there are other cool mutants whose backstory interests us as well.

Now that Deadpool will finally be released next month and will showcase Colossus plus other mutants, it is hopeful to say that other characters from X-Men, whether hero or anti-hero, will also get the chance of a lifetime to have their self-titled movie. Especially now that the superhero film craze is effective worldwide, we need new faces and new superhuman capabilities to watch out for, and not just rebooting the popular ones. Aren't you tired of remakes and sequels? I mean, really, have we lost ideas for an epic superhero flick? I'd love to see new ones such as the sidekicks and the villains. And as for the previous X-Men movies and comic books alone, there are a variety of interesting characters to choose from. What about the female mutants, right? I believe it's time to give others a chance.

I will leave the final question to you: Which X-Men character do you want to see in the next Marvel movie? The list goes on...


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