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You might not think that a fairly harmless sounding tactical RPG game like those in the Fire Emblem series would manage to be offensive or lewd in any way shape or form. But this is a game that came out of Japan, the place where many weird games are born, and the upcoming Fire Emblem Fates has managed to stir up at least a little dissent as we approach the North American release date.

Earlier this week we wrote a little about the Fates "drugging controversy" of last year and how that's affected change to the game for the American release. And now we know a little more about how the game is being "censored" for the Western release.

Say Goodbye To The Petting Game

Anyone who has played Pokémon X or Y will be familiar with the Pokémon-Amie feature which allows players to form stronger bonds with their Pokémon by playing with them, petting them and feeding them treats.

Well apparently someone at Nintendo decided this feature would be a great thing to include in Fire Emblem Fates as a way of building further support between your character units. It's perhaps easier to show you footage of the "mini game" in action than explain it so, here goes...

Okay, thats kinda weird I guess.

Building relationships is crucial in Fire Emblem games, but we don't usually have to get so hands on in our approach (pun completely intended).

Is Too Much?

But it gets weirder (somehow) if you understand the dialogue being spoken. According to various Reddit translations it gets pretty suggestive, even when you're dealing with your adoptive siblings (whom you can marry and have children with if you feel so inclined. Yeah...)

C'mon man, that's your (adopted) sister
C'mon man, that's your (adopted) sister

Once you achieve S-Rank in your relationship with another character, the petting game turns suggestive. Here's a few examples via NintendoNews and Reddit:

  • Camilla: "The way you’re using your hand feels so good. Very skillful."
  • Laslow: "I also want to touch you, will you come closer?"
  • Takumi: "You can touch me wherever I like, but don’t say I didn’t warn you…"
  • Jakob: "We can’t … it’ll have to wait for tonight."
  • Leo: "Do you want me? I understand. I too, want you, it's unbearable."
  • Xander: "It's just the two of us, huh... Only look at me. Don't look away... Your eyes... They're beautiful. Don't make that face... I love you... Is there something you want to do here? Not anymore... are you my little sister. I want to touch you... This armor is a hindrance, isn't it? That face, only show it to me...? I want all of you..."

Jeeze Xander, calm yourself down there. Again, in this version of the game, Xander is the adopted brother of the player character so... Take from that what you will.

Um, I Thought This Was An RPG?

Of course there's nothing too suggestive or explicitly sexual in Fire Emblem Fates (those kinda games are a whole other ball park) but still the mini-game was cut for the Western release.

Kotaku reached out to Nintendo of America for a statement regarding the petting game and this is what they had to say:

"Yes, that is the case [that petting isn’t in the English version]. You might have heard somewhat misinterpreted or exaggerated information about the Japanese original game, but even in the Japanese original version, we have not included any features which are considered inappropriate in Japan."

So there you have it. Regardless of whether or not you think removing the mini game was appropriate, there'll be no Fire Emblem Fates petting for you, yah filthy animals.

As for the rest of it, we'll be seeing a release date for Fire Emblem Fates as of February 19, 2016. Yay!


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