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There's no smoke without fire, and in the relationship between Mulder and Scully, there has always been a smog of sexual tension that hints towards a smoldering romance.

The conspiracy proving, alien uncovering duo of the X-Files have been long-term partners who started off as friends. Eventually the tension blossomed into a sexual relationship, and the two had a son, William.

The pair didn't even kiss until the seventh season, showing professional restraint beyond admirable levels. But, were they really that well behaved, or had they been getting frisky all along?

Let's Whizz Back To 1993 And The Pilot Episode Of The Original Series

Admittedly, the two look incredibly comfortable together. Scully undresses her robe. Mulder holds a candle. Wow. The tension is off the charts.

X-Files fan Haley Mlotek has eloquently summarized what we are all thinking on the Hairpin blog:

I’m wet just remembering this. Are you telling me that they DIDN’T immediately have “wow I’m not going to die and I’m so relieved” sex right then and there?

Okay, maybe we all aren't thinking the first sentence. But the rest? Of course they did! Surely!

"The D Was So Good Last Night"

Haley goes on to suggest that the pair were "casually f*cking every so often" from that moment on, which explains why Scully was so forgiving towards Mulder. She adds:

She just constantly has this expression of, like, 'Ugh you’re annoying the shit out of me right now but that D was so good last night that I’m just going to shake my head and let it go.' Which is an expression I know well.

It's a good point, well made, and from now on you'll never be able to rid the image of Scully bathing in the after effects of a powerful UFO experience (now known as 'unbelievable f*cking orgasm').

Just check out the video below, with a concoction of clips from Season 5 and Season 6, before we see the two together. Mulder enjoys creeping on Scully a little too much, yet notice the UFO expression in response?

But, there's much more:

Like This Hand Holding In Season 3

Season 5's "You're My One In Five Billion" Comment From Mulder

Not To Mention The Pair 'Chering' This Tender Moment In Season 5

So, with all the evidence staring us in the face, it feels almost inconceivable the pair didn't get to fourth base long before it was depicted on screen.

But, you know what? That's all part of what makes their relationship special. A knowing glance, a well timed touch, or a cheeky innuendo all made their dynamic all the better.

And now you've relived the nostalgia, you can watch the X-Files miniseries on Fox.

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