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R. Kelly is no stranger to controversy after that underage urination incident, but the R&B superstar has proved he's still got what it takes to make the general public wince in distaste by revealing he used to have a crush on his own mother. I just can't.

In a recent interview with GQ Magazine, the star recounted a fond memory of his mother taking him to McDonald's when he was a child, but unfortunately what started off adorable turned creepy pretty quickly. Kelly said:

"She had this cheap lipstick, and she would taste the coffee to make sure it was sweet enough. And she would leave the ring of lipstick on the coffee when she would taste the coffee. I remember that when she would give me mine, I would turn it around and I would drink from her lipstick part because in a son-mother way, I had a serious, serious crush on my mom…"
R. Kelly's mom before she passed away
R. Kelly's mom before she passed away

While I'm sure we can all kind of understand what he means (after all kids are absolutely infatuated with their parents), the wording is beyond Freudian to say the least.

It also grates a little more because Kelly spoke about proposing to his mom just a few days before in an interview where he said:

"I loved her. I even asked her to marry me one day. I was like nine. She said no."

But, if you don't believe me and you want to hear this from R. Kelly's own mouth, you can check out the video of him talking about his creepy crush in the video below:

(Source: Perez Hilton via GQ)


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