ByKarly Rayner, writer at
Movie Pilot's celebrity savant
Karly Rayner

Miley's Instagram account is a surreal world of whirling psychedelic colors, Frankenstein-ish collages and now, apparently, baby dolls getting blazed with the Cyrus herself.

In a bizarre new Instagram post, the self-proclaimed Queen of Green can be seen with a giant J hanging out her mouth while proudly modeling a doll still safely sealed in its packaging. Check it out with your own two eyes below:

Who knows what fate will await the unsuspecting, innocent 'Holly baby' when she is unwrapped and cast into the madness of Miley's household, but I have a feeling she might end up looking something like this.:

Godspeed to you, my sweet plasticky friend. It is time to become the technicolor, braided unicorn that you were always destined to be!


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