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We've watched post-apocalyptic film after post-apocalyptic film. Each one predicts a difference vision of that the world will come to.

Luc Bussiere of University of Sterling has been asking himself specifically which species will take over Earth after humans become extinct, so he decided to look 50 million years into the future.

You might be surprised to find that it most likely wouldn't be primates, like from Rise of the Planet of the Apes, which might have been your first thought.

Actually, it might be downright narcissistic to think that the next dominating species would be so closely related to us humans. It might actually come with surprise to find that apes are more likely to precede us to extinction.

Not so powerful now, Mr. Ape.
Not so powerful now, Mr. Ape.

Perhaps a little Audrey Two action from Little Shop of Horrors is more likely?

One could argue that this is the age of flowering plants. But perhaps we should focus more on animals.

Technically, bacteria has always been dominated by bacteria, even though the "age of microbes" ended some 1.2 billion years ago when our myopia began to shift towards the bigger multi-cellular organisms.

It turns out the traits that make us unique from other "animals" aren't actually necessary for being dominant among animals, and therefore these traits won't evolve from them the way they have from us.

For example, intelligence isn't exactly favored by evolution unless it helps with survival and reproductive advancement.

Okay, so no one really knows whats going to happen 50 million years after humans are wiped off the planet. And while we can only guess, I suppose we can also say it doesn't matter.

We're going to be wiped off the planet anyway. So let's just shrug it off.

[Source: The Conversation]


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