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Those of you who enjoy a good fright will be delighted to discover Shudder, a new screaming, sorry, streaming service with a difference - all of the movies are horror films, yay!

The service, run by AMC, specialises by cherry picking the best from the genre by those in the know. And, it gets even better - they've now teamed up with the Sundance Film Festival's branch, Midnight at Sundance, to offer some of the best films from festivals gone by.

Hobo with a Shotgun
Hobo with a Shotgun

I'll let the press release provide a little backstory:

"New Year’s Resolutions not working out? Still avoiding the gym like the plague? Nix those plans and spend these wintry months curled up with Shudder’s new additions to its scream-filled library. The AMC-backed horror streaming service will keep your heart rate up this year, no gym membership required."

Keep your heart rate up they say? They certainly aren't lying. Check out the list below which showcases 6 of the best picks:

1. 'Donkey Punch' (2008)

The title of the movie is based on a sex act. The act in question involves punching a female on the back of the head while in the doggy style position. Oh, I've sold the movie already? I'll move on then.

2. 'Hobo With A Shotgun' (2011)

The dark comedy is based on what was original a fake trailer entered into a contest to promote Tarantino's Grindhouse. It won the competition, and the full feautre was made.

3. 'Trollhunter' (2010)

It's a Norwegian mockumentary. With people hunting trolls. Watch it.

4. 'Dead Snow' (2009)

Another Norwegian film featured around a group of youths who are given the task of escaping a Nazi zombie attack. Given the task implies something quite passive. I imagine escaping zombies is far from passive.

5. 'Timecrimes' (2007)

The mind bending, sci-fi horror is a great example of the hidden gems that appear at the festival. Well worth a watch.

6. 'Excision' (2012)

The horror comedy is based upon a short of the same name, about a young woman who has delusions of being a great surgeon. It's weird.

Source: Dread Central


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