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(Warning: the following contains mild potential SPOILERS for the soon to be released Deadpool - but nothing you aren't likely to see during a commercial break over the next two weeks. Feel free to proceed with appropriately mild caution...)

Now, with Deadpool's solo movie debut fast approaching, we're entering into the torturous final stage of cinematic anticipation: the final countdown. With the movie so close we can almost taste it (note: do not taste Deadpool - no good will come from that), the waiting is set to shift from seemingly unbearable to functionally impossible to cope with.

Which is why it's pretty darned lucky that...

Fox Has Just Released a Whole Bunch of New 'Deadpool' TV Spots and Teasers

Each more filled to bursting with awesomeness (and snippets of brand new footage) than the last.

First up?

Deadpool and Blind Al Get Down to Some Bonding


Deadpool Causes a Predictably Large Amount of Property Damage

Right before...

Deadpool Gets International

Which in turn presages that awkward moment when...

Deadpool Goes to Superhero Camp

Which, having gone as badly as you'd imagine, prompts...this:

Deadpool Goes Gag Crazy

All of which...doesn't actually help with the waiting at all, now that I think about it.

If anything, I now want the movie to arrive even more.

Sorry about that gang!

What do you reckon, though?



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