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Justin Bieber has been portrayed as a bit bad boy by the media, but his recent actions suggest their is a kind soul within. The 21-year-old pop sensation helped an old lady who was injured in an act of kindness. Good for him.

Footage shows Bieber helping out
Footage shows Bieber helping out

Clearly All That Mattered was that the lady was okay. While out visiting bars, Biebs and his entourage noticed the woman on the street. She was then given Somebody to Love in the form of Bieber, who consoled the woman and helped her across the street.

Helping Out In Times Of Need

Although the woman had claimed she simply fell, according to TMZ witnesses say they saw a vehicle collide with her. However, when ambulances arrived, the woman refused treatment.

Bieber with pal Mayweather
Bieber with pal Mayweather

This isn't the first time Bieber has helped out in the time of need. In 2014, the Sorry singer ran to the assistance of heavyweight boxer Floyd Mayweather's kids after they became involved in an accident.

Bravo Beiber, bravo.

Source: TMZ


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