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Eli Roth has been making films since he was a young man, dreaming of one day making it big in the glam and glitz that is Hollywood.

Just last year, Crypt TV released one of his student films called Restaurant Dogs, which Roth had made in college. Fans had heard him discuss it for many years, but they never expected that they'd get a chance to see said film.

Eli Roth's Restaurant Dogs

The student film that almost stopped Eli Roth from graduating. For the first time ever, you can watch the madness. #GodSaveTheDairyQueen

Posted by Crypt TV on Thursday, April 30, 2015

Now Crypt TV is doing it again with another one of his films called Chowdaheads, which he has mentioned many times since Cabin Fever was released. Roth had this to day:

Before 'The Green Inferno,' 'Hostel' and even before 'Cabin Fever,' I created an animated series with my friend Noah Belson called 'Chowdaheads.' Originally titled 'Massholes,' the idea was to make a show like 'King of the Hill' or 'Beavis and Butthead' but set in Massachusetts. The idea was to base everyone on people who pummeled us growing up. We wrote all the episodes and together did all the voices, and I directed the episodes and did the animation and character design with an amazing team of Cal Arts grads. I wanted it to look like a combo of 'Beavis and Butthead' and 'Yellow Submarine,' as weird as that sounds. We sold it to WCW, and the shorts were supposed to run on WCW Monday Nitro during their #1 rated Monday Nitro, which had 35 million viewers at its peak. They were going to air them to gain a fan base the way 'The Simpsons' started as short interstitials on the Tracy Ullman show. We had to change the title to 'Chowdaheads' when someone realized it had the word assholes in it, and TNT censored out all the foul language. However, the weekend before they were supposed to air the CEO got fired and they were shelved and never never ended up airing anywhere. All these years later, via Crypt TV, in all its glory, our tribute to Boston, and WCW wrestling…'Chowdaheads.'

Dancing sex robots and REAL wrestling...this is the world premier of Eli Roth' Chowdaheads

Posted by Crypt TV on Wednesday, January 20, 2016

For you super Eli Roth fans, I'm sure you're now waiting for Crypt TV to release his other highly-discussed film titled Menace of the Monkey. With the release of Restaurant Dogs and Chowdaheads, this might actually happen. It's always endearing to see our most favorite directors' earlier works, as it just seems to hit us right in the heart.



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