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Nintendo might have announced its ambitious aim to ship 20 million units of their upcoming console — codenamed 'NX' — before the year's out, but we still know very little about the new system, let alone what kinds of games we can expect to be playing on it.

That said, according to Serkan Toto, CEO of Tokyo-based game industry consultancy Kantan Games, one of the company's largest properties is due to launch alongside the machine and it could be the very thing Nintendo needs to kickstart the NX's success.

NeXt-gen Smash Bros!

Toto posted the rumor on Twitter:

This is fantastic news, if it is indeed true, though it doesn't clear up the mystery of whether we'll see Nintendo's new box before the year's out.

We can only speculate as to what the 'several' Bandai Namco titles are, but the company has published franchises like Dark Souls, Tekken, and Ace Combat in the past.

Dark Souls II
Dark Souls II

Understandably, many responded to Toto's post with reserved skepticism, though he remains adamant on the reliability of the unnamed source:

So, all in all there's no way to confirm or refute the rumor, though it seems a safe bet that we'll see Smash Bros. come to the NX at some point, when the console launches... at some point?

[Source: Twitter]


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