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At E3 last year, Bethesda announced that they were bringing one of the defining attributes of PC gaming to consoles: mods were coming to the XBOX One and PS4. We've no idea how the system will work, but we assume that Bethesda will monitor which mods will be available on consoles (there's no way they're going to let naked mods transfer onto home consoles though, right?).

But there are so many things that we want console owners to try out! There are tons of mods for Fallout 4 already, but even more that we'd like to see brought over from Skyrim. The release date for console mods is still unknown, but let's imagine what we could see!

Xbox One & PS4: The Skyrim Mods We'd Like To See In Fallout 4

Skyrim Mods Are Awesome
Skyrim Mods Are Awesome

Here's a rundown of the various mods we want to check out in Fallout 4:

  • Thomas the Tank Engine - Thomas was a terrifying replacement for dragons in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Now that he's been brought to Fallout 4, he's replaced some of the games' most terrifying monsters. We desperately want to see what was originally a Skyrim mod brought to Xbox One and PS4.
  • Quality Improvements - Is this even possible? Skyrim had remarkable quality improvement mods that allowed PC gamers to really test their rigs when it came to graphics. These have obviously been replicated for Fallout 4, but can the PS4 and Xbox One take graphical upgrades? We've seen far more impressive graphics on home consoles than we have with Fallout 4.
  • Amazing Follower Tweaks - I've yet to see this happen with Fallout 4, but one of the best mods for Skyrim is that which improved the quality of companions. You could give followers backpacks to carry more gear, change how they would react in certain battles, and generally improve them as fighters. We need this in Fallout 4, they drove me mad.
Well met, indeed.
Well met, indeed.
  • Combat Realism - This mod for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim increased the difficulty of the game and made it far more difficult to stay alive in fights. We'd love to have something similar for Fallout 4 and really test our might on Xbox One and PS4 systems.
  • Realistic Needs - We've seen variations of this creep into Fallout 4, but they were amazing in Skyrim. Realistic mods added features like hunger, sickness, and heat control, all of which had to be monitored to keep your character alive. This fits perfectly into Fallout 4's wasteland and we hope that Bethesda take some of these mods for consoles.
  • RaceMenu - This mod completely overhauled the character creation system for Skyrim, expanding on the capabilities tenfold. We've seen plenty of these improvements for Fallout 4 and we hope we can create some more realistic faces on Xbox One and PS4.

What Do You Want On The Release Date Of Console Mods?

What mods from Skyrim do you want to see replicated for Fallout 4 and then eventually included in console mods? There are a wealth of options to choose from for these games and we sincerely hope that Bethesda don't limit the possibilities too much when it comes to including them on Sony's and Microsoft's systems. We shall have to wait and see how they even work!


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