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Big Bang Theory babe Kaley Cuoco absolutely slayed it for us when she channeled Britney Spears, recreating her iconic VMA performance (you remember the one with the snake, ya?) on Lip Sync Battle.

Britney's original performance back in '01.
Britney's original performance back in '01.

With Chrissy Teigen over at the DJ station and Kaley working absolute stage magic, the studio audience lost their minds in overwhelming bewilderment at what they were witnessing.

Just when you thought that the pinnacle of fantastic-ness had already been reached, Kaley goes over to the side of the stage and comes back with a python just like in Britney's original performance.

Here's the performance — yes, you're welcome.

And for those who want to do a bit of comparing, here's Britney's original show-stopping segment:


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