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The Steven Universe hiatus is finally over, and the Crystal Gems are well on their way to beginning their mission to defeat the Cluster. The drill is almost complete, Peridot has officially defected from Yellow Diamond's rule, and right now everything's peachy. But there are big things ahead, and after Lapis Lazuli's return was hinted at, the first promo for 'Barn Mates' confirms that she will indeed have a role in the upcoming episodes...

Lapis Returns

Cartoon Network recently released a very short promo for the episode Barn Mates, and it looks like the Crystal Gems have an unexpected guest!

Peridot seems to be offering Lapis Lazuli a present, probably to ask forgiveness for their tumultuous past. There are so many questions here, the most glaring being: how did Lapis unfuse from Jasper?

The last time we saw them, Lapis and Jasper were trapped as the hate-fusion Malachite at the bottom of the ocean. How they unfuse, and how Lapis Lazuli joins the Crystal Gems at the barn seems to be far too complex a plot for just one episode. 'Barn Mates' will probably focus on Lapis and Peridot's relationship development, which means that it might come after some other episodes.

Cartoon Network released a few episode titles, but they've also confirmed these should be considered provisional. As it stands, two episodes are listed as coming before 'Barn Mates: Super Watermelon Island' and 'Gem Drill'. While 'Watermelon Island' will no doubt follow up on Steven's watermelon creations...

'Gem Drill' on the other hand, will probably focus on the Crystal Gems's first attempt at drilling through the Earth's crust. Geass Studio on YouTube theorizes that this first attempt will be unsuccessful, and they may try to drill through the floor of the ocean instead. This would be when they encounter Malachite, causing Lapis and Jasper to unfuse. Which would lead into Peridot offering Lapis a gift in 'Barn Mates'.

Right now all we have is speculation, as there's been no official word on when these episodes will be released. Unofficially though, we may have gotten a hint that Peridot and Lapis will fuse...

Lapis & Peridot Fusion?

This image recently surfaced online, leading many to believe it is a leaked screenshot from 'Barn Mates'. And it seems to show Peridot and Lapis Lazuli beginning a fusion dance.

Leaked 'Barn Mates' screenshot?
Leaked 'Barn Mates' screenshot?

This could be a leak, but there are a few things which make it look like the image could be doctored. Firstly, with Peridot holding the present and the gems' location, it seems this happens right after the promo clip. But the sky is different: instead of being overcast and grey, like in the promo, this image shows a clear night sky. Secondly, Lapis's expression is exactly the same as in the promo clip, and her proximity to Peridot's face is odd.

But it could very well be a screenshot of the episode. We'll have to wait to find out. It would be fantastic to see these two gems fuse, though as Peridot has difficulty accepting different gem fusions, and Lapis's time as Malachite was somewhat traumatic, maybe a fusion isn't the best thing for them right now.

Garnet and Peridot's fusion attempt didn't work.
Garnet and Peridot's fusion attempt didn't work.

At least they've got fusion expert Garnet on hand to give advice! Eventually, it would be awesome to see Lapis and Peridot fuse (and there's even a gemstone we'd like to see them as: Laboradite). But until then, we can't wait to find out how and why Lapis Lazuli unfused from Jasper... could she join the Crystal Gems too?


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