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I don't know about you guys but we're pretty damn excited about the new season of Netflix's Daredevil, set to drop worldwide with all the new episodes on March 18, 2016.

There's a hell of a lot to look forward to in the new season, from the introduction of the Punisher / Frank Castle (Jon Bernthal) and Elektra (Élodie Yung) to the possibility of Bullseye showing up.

There's also been some chatter about the likelihood of us seeing a romance between Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox) and Karen Page (Deborah Ann Woll) when Daredevil Season 2 rolls around next year, though I imagine Elektra showing up would firmly put a dent in that particular narrative.

Watch out for any flying sia there Karen
Watch out for any flying sia there Karen

Besides, from the looks of things Karen is going to be too busy in the new season to worry too much about romance which is a far cry from her original character - and for a good reason.

The Original Karen Page

If you thought Karen's narrative arc in Daredevil Season 1 was dark, it's nothing compared to that of her comic book counterpart.

Like in the TV series Karen Page is introduced when she's hired as the secretary for Nelson & Murdock, but without the murder conspiracy plot which set much of the events of Season 1 in motion. Karen was Matt's longest running love interest in the comics, the two constantly breaking up and getting back together.

But poor comic book Karen got messed around a lot by Matt, supposedly out of necessity to keep her from discovering his masked identity, but also because comic book Matt was a bit of dick. He pretended to have a twin brother - Mike - who happened to be the wisecracking and totally-not-blind Daredevil. Karen eventually developed feelings for "Mike", so then Matt faked Mike's death and pretended not to have feelings for her because fuck you Karen that's why.

And your hair looks shit
And your hair looks shit

Through a convoluted series of events Karen's father becomes a super-villain - Death's-Head - and after he and Daredevil fight Matt reveals his Daredevil identity to her. Matt then decides to leave crimefighting to be with Karen, but later returns to wearing the mask because that's kinda his jam.

Karen eventually leaves him, unable to deal with constantly fearing for his safety, and moves to Los Angeles to become an actress. There's some very weird storylines around this; she gets kidnapped a few times and eventually ends up addicted to heroin whilst doing pornography. Yeah, Karen can't catch a break.

She sells Daredevil's secret identity in need of a fix, but still they end up getting back together. She leaves New York again, comes back, leaves again, is tricked into believing that she's HIV+, comes back and is later murdered by Bullseye, saving Matt's life in the process because (again) fuck you Karen that's why.

Suck it Karen
Suck it Karen

Basically, Karen Page has a pretty bad time of it, and she's written about as well as other female side-characters of the 60s (hint: super incredibly crappily) with her trauma and eventual death being used as purely as motivation for her on again, off again love.

The Unbreakable Karen Page

On the other hand, Daredevil's Karen Page is a really well written and fully fleshed out character who goes out and fights for what she believes is right, despite being framed for murder and almost being murdered herself in the first episode of Season 1.

Not to mention shooting the shit out of Wesley
Not to mention shooting the shit out of Wesley

It's that aspect of Karen that Deborah Ann Woll really loves playing, as she explained at a recent TCA Press Tour (transcript via Collider).

"The things that Karen wants to do and will do willingly are things a little outside my own comfort zone. Even just pestering people with questions, and being nosey and pushy and getting her way, are things I think many young women grow up struggling with, to assert themselves. I love how assertive she is, even sometimes to a fault."

Yes, you go Deborah Ann Woll, you go.

What's She Up To In Season 2?

Woll goes on to say that Season 2 will involve Daredevil questioning his own morals and boundaries when the Punisher shows up, drawing out the masked hero's "more extreme side". And as Daredevil's moral code of not killing is put to the test so do issues of what it means to be a hero get pushed to the surface of the show.

Both Karen and Foggy Nelson (Elden Henson) get drawn into this moral debate according to Woll, but she declined to comment further on what we can actually expect to see from Matt Murdock's closest friends in Daredevil Season 2. Time will tell on that front.

However she did share her thoughts on the heroic character arcs that the three central characters undergo throughout the series

"I think heroism comes in different packages. The superhero package is one that we’re familiar with, but I looked at that stuff first season with Elena, and I see what a hero Foggy is, just showing up to fix her plumbing and patch her walls. That is heroic, no two ways about it. And Karen is searching for truth and saying, 'People did something awful to me, and I’m not going to stick my head in the sand and just let it happen to other people.' I think there’s real heroism in that. I like the idea that, as a triad, we can represent brawn, brains and kindness, and all the different ways that you can contribute as a hero."

Her comments fill us with incredible hope for the future of Karen Page, but there's a low bar set to hop over on that one - after all - it can't possibly be worse than her comic book characterisation.

Goddammit Karen
Goddammit Karen

Thankfully we know that the Marvel TV series are currently in good hands following the critical acclaim for both Daredevil Season 1 and last year's wonderful Jessica Jones, and we just can't wait to see what Daredevil Season 2 has in store not only for Karen Page, but for the rest of the cast too.

Daredevil Season 2 is set to release March 18, 2016. What are you most excited about seeing in the new season? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!


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