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Did you know that January is Cervical Cancer Awareness Month? Cervical cancer can come about from the HPV virus, which only proves that sex ed is more than just saying "no" to sex.

Martiza Lugo has created this incredible artwork to bring awareness to women's health, and to really get your attention, she decided to use our favorite Disney princesses to show that even animated royalty isn't invincible.

While publications like The Daily Beast, Cosmopolitan, The Establishment, Buzzfeed, Glamour, The Cut rejected this pitch, Lugo hopes that they might rethink their decision to help spread awareness for Cervical Cancer Awareness Month.

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Cinderella knows that getting your blood work might not be fun, but it is incredibly necessary

Tiana can't wait to get that Gardasil shot that will protect her from all nine strains of the HPV virus (as opposed to only four that the previous shot covered)

Belle is getting that birth control prescription, as she isn't ready to have children yet

Mulan is happy that she found a doctor that makes her feel comfortable

Aladdin is a very supportive partner to Jasmine. He is interested in her health as well as that of their future children

So make that appointment ASAP and get everything checked! You'll feel happy that you did.

[Source: Martiza Lugo, Tumblr]


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