ByHarold Dean Sink, writer at

You are obviously more into this than I am, since you can remember all of these names. But... I believe that in the near future LexCorp will come up with a solution to the scarab removal without death with some sort of promise hidden with undertones. This will allow the young man to willingly put on the scarab or at least have more control on how the scarab works.

Vandal Savage or the alien he shook hands with at the end of season 2 will be the one to acquire the blue beetle for their own intentions. It seems more likely that Vandal Savage would be the new bearer since he has not been much of a space traveler. He always wanted to rule the earth.

There are many characters who have visited from the future, but after 7,000 years, Vandal Savage finally comes to his senses, and Superman is sent back to his own time with Vandal's help. This is from one of the animated Superman movies. Yet, this future is one where only Vandal Savage had survived, which would mean that even Impulse would not exist. Therefore, it is most likely that Vandal Savage ruled the earth in the end, learned how to remove the beetle (or not since he is immortal), and did not have enough forethought as to what being alone in the world would be like. He doesn't exactly share all of his knowledge with everyone.


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