BySabrina Brannon, writer at
I have always been a great fan ever since you were the gorgeous Irishman in P.S. I Love You but you will lose at least this fan if you hurt anyone of the characters I have come to love and suffered with on TWD. You do not even look like a Negan. Just be a good boy and let Darryl and Rick take you down so I can sleep at night. Then as your mama wants, scurry on back to The Good Wife and be content, unless you want to be Irish again and exceptions can be made. You can have the priest, and any Alexandrians you want but not the original main characters. And where is baby Judith? Are you so cruel you would hurt her as well? My husband died of cancer in 2009 and TWD saved me in a way in 2010. Herschel was hard to swallow but we kept moving. I know these are just characters but if you could have seen me cry when Neddard Stark was beheaded almost at the beginning of Game of Thrones you would know how quickly I become attached to the characters. No more deaths for me for awhile. Thanks for reading.

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